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Elvie Curve - Wearable Manual Breast Pump

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Elvie Curve is a wearable, silicone breast pump with variable suction that enables gentle milk expression and let-down collection for ultimate comfort and convenience.

Breastfeeding women can use Elvie Curve to gently express milk whenever her breasts feel full or when they let-downwhile they are feeding or pumping on their other breast. Fitting to the curve of her breast and worn in-bra, a mother can express milk with next to no effort while leaving her hands and body free to move.

Elvie Curve uses natural suction, making it ideal for gently expressing milk during let-down while feeding or pumping on the other breast, or whenever your breasts feel full. Designed to be worn in-bra, it can be used without risk of being knocked off by your baby, and is small and compact, making it convenient solution for mother's on-the-go or who travel. It can also be used on the other breast to a single Elvie Pump, giving you the freedom to move.

The simplest way to express

Free of fiddly parts, Elvie Curve is easy to use - simply press the silicone pouch to create natural suction and express up to 4 oz of milk each time.


Sitting discreetly inside the bra, Elvie Curve is wearable so that hands are kept free and moms don’t have to worry about it being knocked off when their little one is feeding.


Elvie Curve fits the shape of the breast, with soft-touch silicone and a valve to control the level of suction, ensuring it’s comfortable even for milk-filled breasts and can be removed easily.

Safe and durable

Elvie Curve is dishwasher safe, BPA free, and made with food-grade silicone, perfect for mother and baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much milk should I get with Elvie Curve?

How much milk you collect with Elvie Curve is a personal thing, as milk flow varies greatly between women. It can be impacted by where you are in your feeding journey, when you last fed and what you are doing at the time! Elvie Curve is a silicone breast pump - it uses natural suction to gently express milk during letdown, rather than an electronic mechanism like Elvie Pump.

Can the suction be adjusted?

Elvie Curve has been designed with your comfort in mind. If the suction feels too high, lightly press the Valve at the top of the Pouch to release a small amount of pressure, as shown below. If the suction feels too low, re-squeeze the Pouch through your bra to generate more suction. We recommend squeezing the Pouch every couple of minutes to maintain a steady suction while you are using Elvie Curve, but you'll learn what works best for you!

Read more at www.elvie.com/shop/elvie-curve

1 Frame
1 Pouch
Instructions for Use


90-day warranty on all components.

Size: L11.30 x W10.6 x H5.7cm
Weight: 120g
Made with food grade silicone and BPA free plastic (PP)
Milk capacity: 4oz / 113.6 m

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