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    What is a baby rocker?

    Baby rockers are designed with the rocking motion that best mimics the baby movement in mom's womb. They swing gently back and forth while your little one relaxes on it. The swaying motions helps to soothe a baby, and is usually done by parents swaying while their little one is carried in their arms. Having a baby rocker can help to prevent you from straining your arms, as it does the job for you! There are also electric baby rockers available in the market. However, you should also consider factors such as the longevity of the rechargable battery as well as the type of motor used for the design of the electric baby rocker. A motor could potentially hinder the effectiveness of a baby rocker as the noise produced might not be soothing for your baby.

    What is a baby bouncer?

    A bouncer is usually held by a metal wire frame that allows the bouncer seat to spring up and down. Like a baby rocker, it is designed to soothe babies with its bouncing motion.

    What is a baby swing?

    A baby swing goes side to side, or front to back, and may or may not come with detachable mobiles or toys.

    When do you start using a baby rocker, bouncer or swing?

    A baby rocker, bouncer or swing can be used from birth, and can generally be used to 6 months or less than 9kg. While all can be a good lounger for your baby, leaving your baby asleep without supervision is highly dangerous. It is always crucial to follow the product's safety instructions, as well as safe sleep guidelines. Also keeping in mind to not leave your baby in the same position for prolonged periods as it could cause flat head syndrome. Babies are advised to have at least 2 to 3 sessions of tummy time per day to build their neck and core muscles.