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Convertible baby cots and baby cribs are the perfect crib for all of those practical parents out there. Rather than buy a baby crib that you are going to have to give away in a couple of years, you could invest in a crib that is going to last through your baby’s toddler years and with many of our convertible cribs, even up through their teen years.

Contact us to get recommendations, or browse our FAQs below that may help.​ Note that some of our cribs are only available via pre-order. Items for immediate delivery are listed here

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    Looking for your little one’s very first cot and bed? Our range of cribs includes everything from modern and convertible options to luxe, high-end cots that will be the centrepiece of any nursery.

    ​We even have beds that are convertible and can be used from your baby’s infanthood to toddlerhood. Contact us to get recommendations, or browse our FAQs below that may help.​ Note that some of our cribs are only available via pre-order.

    Items for immediate delivery are listed here.

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    Is a cot or crib really necessary for your baby?

    Yes, because a good crib that meets safety standards is arguably the most secure place for your baby to sleep.

    What are the best cots or cribs to purchase?

    This may depend partly on your needs, but on the whole, you need cribs that meet international safety standards, that are made of quality materials, and that are easy to clean. All of the cribs and cots we carry tick those boxes.

    What are convertible baby cots or baby cribs ?

    These are cribs that come with conversion kits that allow you to convert them from traditional cribs to toddler beds or daybeds. This gives them amazing versatility as well as longevity of use!

    Getting the most suitable cot for your nursery

    Having a cot at home is more than just for your child to sleep in. It’s a space that keeps your child safe and comfortable in the earliest stage of their lives. As you look for the best cot for your baby, you’ll want to take into account factors like safety and durability, longevity of use, and how well it’ll fit into your lifestyle.

    Don't know where to start searching for high quality and stylish baby cribs or baby cots in Singapore?

    Here at Hatchery Cribs, we have a variety of cots or cribs for you to choose from - convertible cots, portable cots with wheels, travel cots, bedside cots. What’s the difference between a cot and a crib? Both refer to the same thing, the key difference is that ‘cot’ is often used in British English, whereas ‘crib’ is more commonly used in American English.

    Are drop-side cots safe?

    A drop-side cot comes with one side that slides up and down so that a parent can access their baby without reaching so far over the side. Unfortunately, this convenience for parents comes with a trade-off for the baby’s safety. Since 2011, the U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) banned the production, sale, and even donation of drop-side cots. As Singapore doesn’t have strict regulations on cots’ safety, drop-side cots are still available in the market, and it is up to parents to make informed decisions for their babies. Hatchery Cribs is a distributor of top U.S. baby furniture brands, and we follow their strict safety standards to provide parents with peace of mind.

    Visit the Hatchery Cribs Ware Studio

    As Singapore’s only dedicated baby furniture ware studio, Hatchery Cribs is a key stop for new parents to understand about the various types of cots and to shop for the best cot based on your budget and lifestyle. All cots include free delivery and assembly, and include a 1 year warranty.