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Baby Mattresses

    All mattresses listed on our site fit standard US cribs & toddler beds (70 x 130cm)
    Other crib sizes commonly found in the market are 70 x 140cm and 60 x 120cm.
    We carry mattresses from Hatchling, Babyletto and DaVinci Baby, all of them fit interchangeably into the standard US cribs that we carry.
    baby cot mattress

    What kind of mattress is best for a newborn?

    With multiple options for baby mattresses available, safety and comfort should be the deciding factor when choosing the best crib mattress for your baby. As a general rule of thumb, go for a firm, flat and supportive mattress. Meeting the official safety standards and certifications must also be taken into consideration.

    What are some factors in choosing your baby's mattress?

    Size: Common mattress sizes for baby cribs include 130 x 70cm (Standard US size), 140 x 70cm and 120 x 60cm. Getting your mattress size right is dependent on your baby crib size. We recommend getting both your crib and mattress at the same baby store to make sure it’s the right fit.

     Firmness: Having a firm, flat and supportive mattress is crucial to developing your newborn’s delicate backbone and motor skills. Getting a firm mattress is the bare minimum, but an extra-firm one would be ideal for babies, especially for newborns. Avoid soft and memory foam mattresses as they do not provide ample support and may even result in suffocation. 

    Hatchery Cribs baby mattresses for safe and quality sleep

    Our mattresses are either non-toxic polyester fibre mattress or spring coil mattresses, both of which offer better temperature regulation and breahtability, perfect for Singapore's tropical climate. Visit us at our showroom to shop for your perfect baby mattress in Singapore.