changing pad cover

Changing Pads & Covers


    What are diaper changing mats?

    Diaper changing mats are designed to be waterproof, sweat-proof, urine proof and essentially a barrier that prevents stains at the changing station. Diaper changing mats are usually portable, or made with non-toxic foam for a hypoallergenic and safe product.

     Do you need a portable changing pad?

    Absolutely! It is a core essential for parents especially when they are travelling out and about with their baby. A portable changing pad is able to be folded compactly and packed away in your diaper bag or stroller basket. Some portable changing pads have pockets for extra storage, and others just come as a mat with buckles or fasteners. 

    What to look out for in a changing mat?

    A changing mat has to be waterproof, easy to wipe and gentle on the baby's skin. For parents looking for something easy to travel with, a portable changing mat will be the best option as it often can be rolled or folded up easily and fuss-free. For changing mats to be used in your home, opt for changing mats that are sturdy and easy to handle, and manageable in size to cover the surrounding areas from inevitable messes.