baby cot bumper protector

Cot Bumpers & Rail Protectors


    What is a baby cot bumper?

    Cot bumpers are padded fabric that goes around the inside of the crib to provide cushion for your child and prevent them from bumping on the crib's hard surface. Due to safety concerns, the general advice is to avoid using cot bumpers for your little one before two years old. As newborns do not roll, shift, or move, it may be unnecessary to use a cot bumper. However, as your child gets older and has more control of their body movement, you may begin considering using a cot bumper for your toddler's crib or cot bed. Shop for a cot bumper that fits the interior dimensions of your crib. Get your crib rail protector and cot bumpers at Hatchery Cribs today! Spend above $100 to have your items delivered to your doorsteps for free.