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    Your baby's playtime essentials
    A baby play mat, a cot mobile, and a rocker or lounger are likely your baby's first playtime essentials. Although newborns might not be able to engage in play, these playtime essentials are crucial in newborns' development and usable from birth. Your baby can start tummy time on a baby play mat from birth which is a great activity to develop your little one's motor skills. A cot mobile is beneficial in developing your baby's visual motor skills, entertaining them, soothing them to sleep and as an adorable nursery ornament. Lastly, a rocker or lounger is great for socialising with your baby. They provide good support and cushion for your little one's waking hours and are often portable.

    Best baby books and toys
    You can start reading to your little one in the womb and continue the reading habit with colourful and interactive board books. Interactive fabric or board books with bright colours capture your infant's attention and keep them entertained. Sensory toys, such as rattlers, grabbers, and soothers, are also great choices as your baby's first toys. Do supervise your little one's playtime to keep it fun and safe.

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