baby bath time


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    Your baby's first bath tips
    Newborns only need to bathe twice to thrice a week. Your baby's skin is still delicate and sensitive in the first few weeks. When giving your baby their first bath, it's important to use warm (not hot) water and a mild, fragrance-free baby wash or soap. To get the right water temperature, it's important to always test it with your hands before bathing your baby. Gently wash your baby's face and eyes with a damp cloth and avoid getting soap in their eyes. Keep the baby's head above water at all times, and support their head and neck while bathing them. A baby bathtub or sink can be used for the first few baths, and a regular tub can be used once your baby can sit up. It's also important to keep the baby warm and dry them thoroughly after the bath to prevent chilling. Be sure to supervise the baby at all times during bath time and get ready a comfy towel to keep your little one warm and dry.

    Baby bath essentials
    Here's what you need for fun, enjoyable and safe bath time: a safe and ergonomic baby bathtub, mild and fragrance-free baby wash or soap, a delicate washcloth or sponge, a bath cushion (for added comfort and support), and bath towels!