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    Baby clothes checklist

    There are a variety of baby clothes available out there, and it will seems like there can never be enough clothes for your baby. While it seem like there can never be enough clothes for your baby, there are some essentials that you should not miss out especially during their newborn years.

    For newborns to 3 months old, consider both long and short sleeve bodysuits / onesies that comes with either zippers or snap buttons closure as you will need easy access for any nappy changing sessions. It is also essential to keep your baby's head warm with beanies or hats. Depending on the weather, it is best to keep your little one warm and protected with the necessary clothings.

    As babies grow really fast, it is recommended to buy minimum number of clothes in various sizes, as you do not want to end up with a cluttered clothing space!

    Fashionista, baby!

    With neutral themes and palettes being the whole hype, you will be delighted to find adorable designs of rompers, kimonos, and overalls to dress up your little bub. Always keep in mind that cotton is the best fabric for your babies. Pehr's collection of baby clothes is made from 100% organic cotton, designed to be gentle and safe for your little one, while keeping them cool in Singapore's weather.

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