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    Baby nursery room essentials
    With so many things to prepare for your baby's arrival, building your baby nursery will be at the top of new parent's to do list. Having a sturdy and safe bassinet or convertible baby crib is crucial for your baby's sleep and development. If you have the space, consider a versatile cot, such as the Babyletto Hudson 3-in1 convertible cot that can last a long time. Pair your baby crib with a firm mattress, such as the Hatchling Tamago mattress, to support your growing baby's development. Be sure to keep the sleeping area free of any loose items for safety to prevent any risk of suffocation. Leave the soft toys and decorative items for later months when they’re older. When choosing your diaper changing station, ensure that is at a comfortable height so it’ll be easy on your back as your newborn most likely requires a change every 2 to 3 hours, and less as they grow. A classic pair would be to double up your changing station atop a storage dresser to maximize space. Setting up your nursing station in the nursery can make your pregnancy and nursing days a whole lot easier and better. Unlike ordinary chairs, nursing chairs are designed for optimal support and comfort as you may be nursing or holding your baby for up to hours at a time.

    Guide to styling, planning and organising your baby nursery
    After finalising your baby furniture, it's time to start styling and planning for your nursery. A designated theme ties the nursery together and gives you more direction in selecting nursery furniture that complements. Draw inspirations online or via social media, including Pinterest, for a better idea of your overall theme. Many parents opt for a neutral colour palette due to the preference for lighter shades for their baby and flexibility in selecting complementing colours. Planning your baby’s nursery is no doubt an exciting but challenging project. Start with a plan and make informative decisions to put together a nursery that is not only functional for your lifestyle but also aesthetically pleasing.

    Need advice with styling your nursery?
    If you need any advice in putting together or decorating your baby’s nursery, feel free to reach out to us. Hatchery Cribs, your one-stop shop that carries all nursery essentials, is available online or drop by our Ware Studio to check out our items for yourself!