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Hip Seat Carriers


    What is a baby hip seat carrier?
    A baby hip seat carrier is a type of baby carrier that features a padded hip seat that the baby sits on. The hip seat is attached to straps that the parent wears around their waist and shoulders. This design allows the baby to sit in an upright position, with their legs straddling the parent's hip, while the parent's hands are free. With a firm base, the hip seat promotes a healthy spine and hip development for your baby. The hip seat also distributes the baby's weight evenly across the parent's hips, which can make carrying the baby for longer periods of time more comfortable for the parent. MiaMily Hipster Plus: 2-in-1 carrier and hip seat has designed with the thickest waist belt to provide extra lumbar and back support for the wearer. Consider getting a baby hip seat carrier that is versatile so that you have more baby-wearing options. Check out MiaMily Hipster Plus to find out more!

    When can your baby start using hip seat carriers?
    It is recommended that parents wait until their baby has reached at least 6 months of age before using a baby hip seat carrier. This is because babies under 6 months old typically do not have the necessary head and neck control to sit upright safely in a baby carrier. However, if your baby's hip seat carrier offers an infant insert, you can start wearing your baby from birth. Do check with your baby hip seat carrier's safety instruction manual in babywearing, as not all baby carrier is suitable to use from birth.

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