mum and dad taking a walk in the park with baby in the stroller

Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Baby Stroller

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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Baby Stroller

Strollers are a must-have baby product to have, and for many new parents, it is one of the first items you’d think of purchasing once you find out you’re expecting!

If you’re new to shopping for baby essentials, you may be wondering where to start with buying a pram or stroller.

In this article, we’ll go over some key points of consideration that can help you choose the ideal stroller for you and your little one.

mum and dad taking a walk in the park with baby in the stroller

Determine the primary functions of your stroller

The type of stroller you eventually purchase will depend largely on the purpose it’ll fulfil for both you and your baby. 

Will the stroller be used for you and your partner to take your baby on long walks or light jogs? Will you need it to be large and spacious so it can act as a carrier for when you go grocery shopping? Or would you prefer for it to be foldable and lightweight so you can easily transport it in a car or bus?

Your baby stroller is supposed to help you bring your baby around more easily and conveniently, so be sure to pick an option that is functional given your daily lifestyle and needs. 

You may also want to consider picking up a stroller that can double up as a car seat. These options usually have a detachable frame that can be easily folded and stored in your boot!

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A little tip for mums: we’d highly recommend checking on the weight of your preferred stroller before making your purchase. Are you able to comfortably manoeuvre or fold it up?

Some strollers, while extremely durable and sturdy, may be a little too bulky or heavy for you to manage on your own, especially if you’ve got to carry your little one as well! Try the Swift X stroller from Hauk which only weighs 6.3 kgs!

Estimate how long you’d like to use the stroller for

This will depend largely on the needs of your baby as well as your personal preferences. 

How old and big is your baby? When do you expect for your little one to stop using the stroller?

Answering these questions will help with deciding the size and style of the stroller you are going to purchase.

Some parents prefer to buy a smaller pram for their newborn and switch out to a larger stroller once their little one grows.

Or, as a more cost-efficient option, you could opt for a stroller that will grow with your child into toddlerhood or early childhood. In this case, look out for options that can support up to 23-25kg and are suitable for children aged 0-36 months.

If you’re planning on having more children in the future, it may also be wise to consider a stroller that’s proven to be durable and long lasting! 

This can also serve as a guide for you to determine how to spend on this baby essential, which brings us to our next point of consideration.

Decide on your budget range for your purchase

Of course, it’s natural for all parents to want to give their children the best possible furniture or products.

But depending on the model of the stroller you pick, this baby essential can turn out to be pricier than expected. So it’s important to at least have a ballpark figure in mind when shopping for your stroller.

Look for an option within your budget and consider the purchase an investment for yourself and your child.

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Choose your preferred type of pram or stroller

There are different types for you to choose from! Here’s a brief description of the various options available.

Regular baby stroller

These are the regular models that are most suitable for everyday use, and can be easily found in most baby stores in Singapore.

They typically come with a basket at the bottom of the stroller, reclining seat, and cup holder.

Umbrella stroller

As its name suggests, these strollers are lightweight and can be folded down similar to an umbrella. Umbrella strollers are more suitable for older babies, aged 7 months and up.

Double stroller

If you have twins or more than one infant, the double stroller is the one for you.

These strollers can accommodate two babies or children, seated side by side or one behind the other.

eagles 4s reversible pink stroller

Travel system

A travel system stroller is basically an infant car seat that can be clipped onto a stroller.

This two-in-one product is usually the go-to for parents who drive, and want a multifunctional item that provides convenience and saves them money!

Jogging stroller

These strollers provide the perfect solution for active parents who want to bring their little ones along for their daily runs.

They’re usually three-wheeled, have more safety features, and are built for more bumpy terrain.

Research on key safety features

Research on key safety features

A must-do before purchasing a stroller is to check out how safe and durable it is - after all, you’re getting one to bring your baby around safely!

Look out for reliable and renowned brands, and read up on reviews of what other parents have said about their experiences with the strollers.

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