Green Papaya Fish Soup During Confinement: Recipe & Benefits

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As mothers begin their journey of recovery after childbirth, the significance of nourishing meals tailored to support their physical and emotional well-being cannot be overstated. We understand the struggle of selecting suitable dishes for your postpartum journey, which is why we suggest indulging in some green papaya fish soup! This delightful blend of fresh fish and vibrant green papaya, simmered to perfection in a nourishing broth is renowned for its benefits during the confinement period. Let's delve into why this dish is a cherished staple and uncover the secrets to preparing this delectable and delicious meal!

What Is Confinement?

Confinement is a traditional custom observed in numerous Asian cultures. It refers to the crucial period following childbirth dedicated to the mother’s recuperation physically and emotionally. This sacred time allows her body to heal and rejuvenate through a combination of routines that covers rest, specialised care, and nourishing meals tailored to support her recovery and well-being.

What Are Some Examples Of Confinement Meals?

Besides the popular Green Papaya Fish Soup, there's a variety of carefully prepared dishes and drinks, like Sesame Oil Chicken and Red Date Longan Tea . These offerings are rich in essential nutrients, serving as a crucial source of nourishment that facilitates swift recovery and promotes lactation for mothers during their postpartum healing process.

Serving a selection of confinement dishes

What Is Green Papaya Fish Soup?

Green Papaya Fish Soup is a Chinese-inspired soup featuring tender slices of fish and green papaya. It's renowned as a favoured dish during the confinement period for its gentle, refreshing flavour.

Pot of green papaya fish soup

What Are The Benefits Of Green Papaya Fish Soup?

Green papaya fish soup offers significant benefits for both mothers and their babies during the postpartum phase. Green papaya is renowned for its ability to enhance breast milk production by stimulating the release of oxytocin, a crucial hormone for lactation. Furthermore, the various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants green papaya offers, contributes to boosting the body's "qi" (vital energy) and blood levels in new mothers . The nutritional richness of fish, including vital proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, also supports wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Packed with essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin E, sesame oil chicken helps to promote stronger bones and joints, aiding in the recovery of a mother’s overall well-being.

Green Papaya Fish Soup Recipe

Preparing the Green Papaya Fish Soup involves a simple process of sautéing and simmering the ingredients.


  • 500g of fish head or fish meat
  • Sliced green papaya

  • Sliced tomatoes

  • Sliced ginger

  • Dried red dates

  • 1 tbsp of goji berries

  • Sliced green onion

  • Salt and sesame oil for seasoning

Sesame Oil Chicken ingredient list


1. Heat some cooking oil in a pot and sauté the sliced ginger along with the green onions until fragrant. Add the fish head or fish meat soon after and cook until it develops a golden brown hue. Instead of needing an extra pan for this step, consider using the versatile Pretty Major Serve-And-Stew Pot. Due to its 8-in-1 capabilities, the pot combines multiple cooking functions in one, making it convenient for both stir-frying and boiling.

Sesame oil poured into a pan

2. Add water into the pot until it covers the ingredients.

A plate of shredded ginger poured into a pan filled with a layer of sesame oil

3. Bring it to a gentle boil before adding the sliced green papaya.

Stir frying chicken using a wooden spatula

4. Continue to let the soup simmer before adding a spoonful of goji berries to the pot.

Pouring water into a pan filled with stir-fried chicken

5. Place a lid on the pot and continue simmering until the broth takes on a slightly cloudy appearance.

Placing a lid over a pan

6. Season the soup with some salt and serve to enjoy.

Sesame oil chicken in a pan

Enhance Your Cooking Experience!

Feel free to personalise your green papaya fish soup according to your taste preference.

Here are some handy tips and suggestions:

  • Tailor the recipe by selecting your favourite type of fish. Always prioritise freshness to avoid any unwanted fishy taste in the soup.

  • While green papayas are preferred, partially ripe ones can serve as a suitable substitute if needed.

  • For a bolder flavour profile, try pounding the ginger to heighten the soup's taste.

  • Simplify your cooking process and cleanup by utilising nonstick cookware such as the convenient Pretty Major Serve-And-Stew Pot .

Showcasing the Pretty Major Serve-And-Stew Pot as a focal point in a dining table setting

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