baby cocoon nest

Baby Sleep Supports & Positioning Pillows


    What is a baby nest?

    A baby nest, otherwise known as a baby cocoon, is a compact bed with raised cushion edges that surrounds your baby, reproducing a cosy feeling of protection that they had inside their mother's womb. It is also a portable sleeping option that provides a familiar and comfortable sleeping environment whenever you go, ensuring that your newborn feels safe and secure. When getting a baby nest, it is important to buy one with a belt to allow babies to safely sleep on their backs, this is to reduce the risk of baby rolling over. Baby nests should be used from birth, and can be used till 6 months old or when they outgrow them.

    What is a baby sleep support?

    Besides baby nests, there are also other baby sleep supports like anti-roll supports, baby wedges or sloped positioners. These are to hold babies in place on their backs, and some have additional benefits recommended in cases where the baby tends to regurgitate, has an ear infection, a cold or colic.

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