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What Are The Differences Between Baby Wraps and Baby Carriers?

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Baby Wrap Vs. Baby Carrier

Babywearing naturally comes after birth, and it does wonders for developing a stronger attachment and bonding for both the parents and their baby. As much as you want to hold your baby all the time, it’s also more practical to be hands-free at times so you can still go about your daily routine. With such a wide variety of options for babywearing, let’s take a look to see if a baby wrap or carrier is better for you.

What’s the difference?

A baby wrap is typically a long piece of fabric you tie around your body to hold your baby. It is soft-structured and comes in a one-size-fits-all design. On the other hand, a baby carrier offers a more structured design with straps, buckles, or loops to secure your baby in place. 

Here are some important aspects to consider when choosing the best option for you and your baby.

1. Comfort and fit

Comfort is extremely important not only for your baby but for you as well. 

A baby wrap has a swaddle-like design that mimics the feeling of the womb, making it especially comforting for newborns. Given the flexibility and stretch of the fabric, a baby wrap can easily adjust to different caregivers’ bodies. It also allows for a variety of carrying positions but learning how to use it takes some effort and time to master. Wearing it for extended periods will likely take a toll on the caregiver’s body due to a lack of structure and inadequate support.

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A baby carrier is more structured and typically comes with padded shoulder straps and lumbar support, offering more shoulder and back support for the designated caregiver. MiaMily Hipster Plus: 2-in-1 Carrier & Hip Seat comes with an ergonomic seat to ensure your baby’s legs remain in the hip-healthy “M” position, for optimal hip development which is something new parents tend to overlook. Following the guidelines of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, all MiaMily Baby carriers are designed to ensure your baby is kept in a comfortable, ergonomic "M" sitting position with knees supported at hip level for healthy hip development.

With the adjustable waist and shoulder straps, it is easy to switch between different caregivers and enjoy up to 6 unique carry positions to suit your growing baby. Travel light with a detachable hip seat, and keep cool with a removable cover to reveal a breathable mesh layer - making the Hipster Plus a classic essential baby carrier.

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2. Lifespan and care

Baby wraps tend to have a shorter lifespan compared to baby carriers as what was previously comforting to newborns becomes restrictive to a toddler. As baby carriers can accommodate a wide age range, they typically require an additional infant insert for newborns up to a few months old - depending on their size. The Hipster Plus Trio: Baby Carrier + Single Shoulder Strap + Infant Insert is usable from birth till 20kg (approx. 2-3y/o) as it includes an Infant Insert for newborns and Single Shoulder Strap accessory for 3 more unique carry positions.

For cleaning and care - baby wraps are generally easy to machine clean but just remember to take note that different types of fabric may affect how well they hold up over long-term use with frequent cleanings. Be sure to check labels for washing instructions as not all carriers are machine washable.The Hipster Plus allows machine washing on cold and gentle cycles and lying flat to air dry (do not tumble dry), making cleaning a breeze!

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3. Lifestyle and budget

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Another aspect to consider is your frequency of use and if it’s worth the investment. Lifestyle plays an important role - if you see yourself leaving the house often with your baby in the first year, getting a baby carrier is a wiser choice. A baby carrier offers more support and comfort with higher frequency usage, and it’s also easier to put on than baby wraps.

Baby wraps are typically much easier to store than baby carriers as it is less bulky. However, the newest invention of the MiaMily Hipster Air: Inflatable Compact Baby Carrier - the world’s first compact inflatable baby carrier allows easier storage than any other carriers out there! Designed with a unique valve that inflates and deflates our classic hip seat, parents can easily adjust the level of firmness to their liking without the hassle of removing the carrier, seat or baby.

Storing the carrier is easy as the seat deflates quickly and folds into a built-in storage pocket that is as small as your makeup bag. This game-changing baby carrier is quickly gaining popularity amongst practical parents out there!

Is Baby Wrap or Baby Carrier better?

With these things in mind, it’s also best to try the product out in person before purchasing it. MiaMily baby carriers: Hipster Plus, Hipster Essential, and Hipster Air are all available for viewing and purchase at Hatchery Cribs’ ware studiovisit our virtual showroom, or contact us if you have any questions!

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