Baby Sling Carrier


    What are the benefits of using a baby sling?

    Using a baby sling offers numerous benefits for both parents and babies. It allows for hands-free babywearing, promoting mobility and convenience. Baby slings also promote bonding and closeness between parent and child, providing a sense of security and comfort. They can help soothe fussy babies and allow for discreet breastfeeding.

    Are baby slings suitable for newborns and infants?

    Yes, baby slings are suitable for newborns and infants. Many slings offer a cradle or upright position that provides proper head and neck support for young babies. However, it's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and ensure the baby's airway remains open and unobstructed. There are also additional accessories available, like the MiaMily Infant Insert, that allows all MiaMily baby carriers to be suitable for use from birth.

    What are the safety precautions to follow when using a baby sling?

    To ensure safety when using a baby sling, follow proper positioning guidelines and always monitor your baby's airway to prevent obstruction. Keep the baby's face visible and ensure their chin is off the chest. Follow weight limits, adjust the sling for a snug fit, and regularly check for any wear or damage.

    How does a baby sling promote bonding and closeness between parent and child?

    A baby sling fosters a close physical connection between parent and child, promoting bonding and emotional attachment. The gentle rocking motion and the warmth provided by the parent's body can have a soothing effect on babies, helping them feel secure and loved.

    What are the type of baby slings available in Hatchery Cribs?

    There are 3 different MiaMily baby slings available in Hatchery Cribs. We carry the MiaMily Hipster Plus, a 2-in-1 baby sling with hip seat, the MiaMily Hipster Air, a foldable baby sling perfect for travelling, and MiaMily Hipster Essential, a baby sling with sleek and minimalist design. All the MiaMily baby slings are suitable for use from birth up to 15 kg (MiaMily Hipster Air), or 20kg (MiaMily Hipster Plus & Hipster Essential).

    Shop for the baby sling that suits your needs at Hatchery Cribs

    Visit the Hatchery Cribs showroom and try out the baby slings in person! Our nursery consultants will assist you in finding a suitable baby sling that suits your lifestyle and needs.