doomoo dream baby blanket bear grey#color_bear-grey
dad and baby on couch with bear grey doomoo dream blanket#color_bear-grey
mom hugging baby wrapped in doomoo dream bear grey blanket#color_bear-grey
doomoo dream baby blanket lollypop ocre#color_lollypop-ocre
baby in crib with doomoo dream lollypop ocre blanket#color_lollypop-ocre
doomoo dream baby blanket fox grey#color_fox-grey
baby lying on bed with doomoo dream fox grey blanket#color_fox-grey
doomoo dream baby blanket blue grey moon#color_blue-grey-moon
laughing toddler sitting on doomoo dream blanket blue grey#color_blue-grey-moon
baby wrapped up in doomoo dream blue grey moon blanket#color_blue-grey-moon
doomoo dream baby blanket deer#color_deer
toddler with mom on couch and doomoo dream deer blanket#color_deer
doomoo dream spring pink baby blanket#color_spring-pink
mom smiling at baby wrapped in doomoo dream spring pink blanket#color_spring-pink

Doomoo Dream Ultra-Soft Baby Blanket (75 x 100cm)

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No better way to pamper your baby than to wrap it in doomoo Dream Cotton, an ultra soft cotton blanket which will make baby feel like a king/queen. Wrap doomoo Dream Cootton around your little miracle for warmth, comfort and relaxation. By the way, no lack of smoothness and comfort to be detected, because doomoo Dream Cotton is lined with the softest polyester fibre.

Fabric: 95% organic cotton & 5% elastane
Filling: polyester fibers
Dimensions : 75 x 100 cm

Cover is machine-washable at 30°C
Do not tumble dry

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