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A Guide to Choosing the Best Double Stroller in Singapore (2024)

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A Guide to Choosing the Best Double Stroller in Singapore (2024)

As parents, navigating the world of baby gear can be an overwhelming task - especially when it comes to finding the perfect stroller that suits your growing family's needs. Whether you're expecting twins, have two little ones close in age, or simply need the convenience of a double stroller, this guide aims to simplify your search and provide valuable insights into selecting the ideal double stroller in Singapore.

Types of Double Strollers and Their Pros and Cons

A) Side-by-Side Double Strollers

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A side-by-side stroller, also known as a twin stroller or double-width stroller, is a type of baby stroller designed to accommodate two children seated next to each other. Unlike tandem strollers, where the seats are arranged one behind the other, side-by-side strollers have the seats positioned side by side horizontally.

This type of stroller offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows both children to have an equal view of their surroundings, promoting interaction and engagement between siblings. Additionally, side-by-side strollers typically provide equal seating and legroom for both children, ensuring their comfort during outings.

While side-by-side strollers may be wider than their tandem counterparts, many models are designed to fit through standard doorways, but it may still be a tight fit when navigating crowded spaces and supermarket aisles in Singapore. It’s important to consider the dimensions and weight of the stroller, as well as the specific requirements of your daily activities and the places you frequent, to ensure practicality and convenience.

B) Single-to-Double Convertible Tandem Strollers

A single-to-double convertible tandem stroller is a type of stroller that is designed to adapt and accommodate the needs of growing families. It starts as a single stroller but with the option to convert it into a double stroller by adding an additional seat.

The main advantage of a single-to-double convertible tandem stroller is its flexibility. It allows parents to use the stroller when they have only one child and then expand it to accommodate a second child when needed. This versatility makes it a cost-effective option for parents who are planning to have another child in the future or who have children of different ages.

It's important to note that single-to-double convertible tandem strollers can be bulkier and heavier compared to single strollers due to the additional seating options. Therefore, it's essential to consider the size and weight of the stroller when making your selection, especially if you anticipate using it primarily as a single stroller.

Considerations When Choosing a Convertible Double Stroller

1. Stroller configurations and compatible accessories

Thule Sleek single and double stroller configurations in mono, duo and twin modes

A convertible double stroller offers several versatile configurations to adapt to different parenting needs. Look for one that is compatible with a bassinet and infant car seat to offer even more configuration options. Some are even compatible with a rider board attachment, allowing a third child to ride along on the stroller.

2. Ease of use: Stroller weight and folded dimensions

Many popular convertible single-to-double strollers weigh about 12+kg (seat + frame), with an additional sibling seat weighing approximately 3+kg, bringing the total weight of the double tandem stroller to about 15+kg.

Check with the stroller brand to see if the stroller folds in the double stroller configuration when two seats are attached. To reduce the folded dimensions, many parents will opt to remove the second attachment to allow the folded stroller to be stored away easier.

The folded Thule Sleek Stroller is compact and able to be placed in an upright position.

Thule Sleek with compact folding and standing when folded

3. Maneuverability: Stroller wheels and suspension

Having high-quality wheels and a good suspension system is especially important for a double tandem stroller, as parents will be pushing two children instead of just one. Not only will it affect the ease of pushing, but it will also affect the stability and smoothness of the ride. 

The Thule Sleek has a shock-absorbing 4-wheel suspension for a smooth ride on all terrain.

Thule Sleek stroller wheels with shock absorbing four wheel suspension on all terrain

Meet the Thule Sleek: Convertible Single-to-Double Urban Stroller

Thule, a well-known and trusted Swedish outdoor lifestyle brand, has just brought its stroller range to Singapore. Designed to meet the demands of modern parents, Thule strollers offer exceptional comfort, safety, and versatility. Whether navigating urban streets, exploring nature trails, or travelling with your little one, Thule strollers are built to withstand the rigours of everyday life while providing a smooth and enjoyable ride for your child.

The Thule Sleek: Convertible Single-to-Double Urban Stroller is designed to match the needs of your family - from your baby’s birth as your little one grows. Add a bassinet, a sibling seat, or a car seat; bring one, two or even three kids, and mount the seats in a parent-facing or forward-facing position.

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