Don't Buy a Baby High Chair Without Knowing This First

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Don't Buy a Baby High Chair Without Knowing This First

Are you looking for a baby highchair? Well, choosing one may not be as easy as you imagine.

Buying a baby highchair is an essential investment. Failing to consider important practical features might have you ending up with an expensive nursery item that does little to make your life as a parent easier. It’s easy to underestimate how much time your baby would spend in that highchair. If you choose the right highchair, it couldbe their dining, lounging and play area.

In addition to safety, comfort, and functionality, here are some important aspects to also consider before settling on the best highchair for your family.

toddler on hauck alpha highchair with tray

Durable and long-lasting

A sturdy chair offers better value through longer use. Get one that lasts beyond your toddler’s feeding stages.

A common debate on the best material for high chairs is between wood and plastic. While highchairs made from plastic are typically more portable, a wooden highchair is far more stable and durable in the long run. European Beechwood is an ideal wood material for highchairs given its sturdy features for optimal stability to withstand even the most active stages of a toddler. Not to mention, the natural brown shade is a beautiful addition that complements any home.

baby on hauck alpha highchair during mealtime

Multifunctional and versatile

Getting the most use out of a product is hard to come across for baby items since they outgrow them in the blink of an eye. Hence getting a convertible high chair is the best option for any practical parents out there!

A classic favourite is the Alpha+ Highchair, a convertible and practical highchair that accompanies your child for a lifetime. With height-adjustable panels and compatibility with different attachments, this versatile high chair is usable from birth till 90kg. The Alpha+ Highchair is adaptable to different configurations to accommodate the different life stages as your baby grows into an adult.

The basic configuration starts with the Alpha+ Wooden Highchair, which is usable from approximately 6 months when your baby can more or less sit up by themselves. It also comes with a safety harness for additional security.

hauck alpha highchair convertible versatile

A more upgraded configuration is the Alpha+ Deluxe: Highchair + Tray, which includes a removable tray - ideal for any baby starting on solids. Features of the Alpha Tray include a removable top for easy cleaning (definitely a must for messy eaters!) and an adjustable depth position to suit your baby’s comfort.

An infant-friendly configuration is the Alpha+ Highchair with the Alpha 2-in-1 Bouncer, which allows for use from birth till 9kg (approximately 6 months). The Alpha Bouncer keeps the baby in an ergonomic and supine position, and sports an infant insert and a three-point harness for safety. It functions either as a manual bouncer when attached to the frame, or attached on the Alpha+ Highchair during mealtimes for convenience and inclusivity - making it 2-in-1! Bringing your baby to the table to join for mealtimes has never been easier than before!

Ultimately, the Alpha+ Highchair is convertible to an adult configuration as a regular wooden chair and holds up to 90kg. The Alpha+ Trio: Highchair + Tray + Bouncer is the most popular option as it consists of all the parts and attachments for use from birth till 90kg.

Safety is key

Safety is still of utmost priority for your baby. Hence, in addition to sturdiness and durability, look for a highchair with an anti-tip structure and safety harness.

An ‘A-shaped’ high chair is the ideal anti-tip structure for highchairs, especially since active toddlers may try to climb or rock their way out. Having a length-adjustable harness also helps secure your toddler to their highchair. Add on a cushion if you feel that your baby needs the extra support, or just for optimal comfort.

Make sure not to leave your baby unsupervised even though they are strap in the safety harness.

baby in alpha highchair and bouncer with parents during mealtime

Cleaning and care

As your baby starts on solids and learns how to feed themselves, they’re bound to make a mess. Hence knowing how to best clean and maintain your highchair is critical for keeping it in good and functional condition for the years to come.

If your highchair is made from plastic, cleaning is simple with just a damp cloth and any cleaning agent if needed. For highchairs made from sturdy wood, including Beechwood, brush off any loose food crumbs before wiping it down with a damp cloth. Ensure that the cloth is not too wet,  and avoid soaking, bleach, or any harsh cleaning agents as it will cause discoloration and weaken the wood structure. Keep your highchair dry to best preserve your wooden highchair.

One of the best parts of the Alpha+ Highchair + Tray is that it comes with a removable plastic top for easy cleaning - making cleaning such a breeze!

baby making a mess on hauck alpha highchair

Still need help choosing your high chair?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, drop by our ware studio, or visit our virtual showroom to check out the Alpha+ Highchair’s various configurations to accommodate different life stages (up till an adult) and take a look at its versatile features, material and weight in person.