mother checking on a phone app while taking care of baby

4 Phone Apps That Will Help You Develop Your Baby's Brain

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4 Phone Apps That Will Help You Develop Your Baby's Brain

Children’s brains develop rapidly from birth to age 5. How can you ensure you’re providing the right resources to help your little one’s growth and enhance their learning experience during this time?

There are plenty of tools that you can use to aid baby’s brain development: books, educational games, and in today’s world, apps and e-books! You’ll find that there is a whole set of online resources available for tots and younger minds.

Today, let’s go through some of these apps you can use to help give your little one’s brain development a little boost.

mother checking on a phone app while taking care of baby

1. Kinedu:

Baby Developmental Activities and Milestones

There are more than 2,000 age-appropriate activities on Kinedu, created by early childhood development experts. Activities are designed to include the use of common household items, so you can get started on them right away!

The activities on Kinedu can be implemented by any adult without any prior training in childhood development, which means anyone in your household can use it to help your tot! 

More info on the app:

Kinedu Baby Development App

2. KinderPass:

Baby Development

KinderPass offers more than 1,200 screen-free, sensory play activities that you can use to bond with your baby. These cover various aspects of learning such as physical, cognitive, and linguistic learning.

The app is best used for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, and offers you recommendations on what activities to do, and why those activities help! 

You can also opt to register for live lessons for your child once he turns 2 as an in-app add on.

More info on the app:

KinderPass Baby Development App

3. BabySparks:

Development Activities and Milestones

Looking for a more customised development app? 

BabySparks uses smart adaptive technology to adapt to your child’s needs and recommends a daily play programme for your little one based on the information you key in.

You’ll get 8 to 10 daily activities for your child with this app as well as have access to video-based activities, self-help articles and tips. 

You can even get a snapshot of your child’s development progress at any time!

More info on the app:

BabySparks Baby Developmental Activities App

4. Vroom

Vroom provides parents with guided activities to help tots learn while doing daily activities, like during mealtime, bathtime and bedtime.

There are different ways of accessing Vroom’s resources, such as through their app, via print-outs or even through Vroom Texts, where you’ll receive personalised recommendations from their virtual coach. 

Different tips on Vroom support you in training everything from your child’s gross motor skills to their memory and word play.

More info on the app:

  • Suitable for children aged 0 to 8

  • Free app

Link to webapp:

Vroom Baby brain Building App

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