What Supplies Do I Need For Breastfeeding?

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What supplies do I need for breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding isn’t difficult -- all you need are your body and your baby. To breastfeed comfortably is a different story though. Breastfeeding tools can help to make your nursing experience an easier and more enjoyable experience for you. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the breastfeeding supplies that you may need for you and your baby to make feeding time a breeze

Women with Elvie Breast Pump

Nursing pillow 

A nursing pillow provides the perfect support for your baby, especially if you want to bring her up to your chest level. While a normal bed pillow will do, it’s not as firm and thick as a nursing pillow. These pillows are especially made to help newborn babies, as they’re tinier and need that extra support and height to properly latch on to you. 

Apart from nursing pillows helping babies, these items actually help you as well. Nursing pillows reduce strain on your back, neck, arms, and shoulders as you won’t have to hunch your back and sacrifice your posture when nursing. 

Some nursing pillows are even designed to be multi functional, such as Doomoo’s Buddy: Organic Cotton Multi-functional Cushion. Because of its shape and size, you can use it as a pregnancy pillow, a nursing pillow, and even a lounger!

Nursing chair 

Nursing chairs can be the best partner when it comes to calming and settling your baby down to sleep. Babies love to be swayed and rocked, and nursing chairs can definitely assist you with that!

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a nursing chair that fits both you and your baby, but it really all comes down to comfort, safety, and function. Take Da Vinci Baby’s Olive Glider and Ottoman for example. Not only are they comfortable for nursing tots, they’re also perfect for when you just want to relax and put up your feet after an exhausting day. 

The ottoman also has storage space to store sheets or blankets. Plus, the upholstery is free of toxic chemicals! It even has sleek designs available so you won’t have any problems matching them with your interior decor.

Hands-free breast pump 

Even if you plan to stay at home with your baby, we still encourage you to purchase a breast pump for your convenience. A hands-free breast pump can be especially good for those who want their pumping time to be a little bit more productive so you can do some housework while pumping, or to just simply relax while doing so. 


Elvie’s wearable breast pump allows you to multitask while pumping, and fits right into your nursing bra. It’s also silent, wireless, and easy-to-clean, allowing working moms to use it in the office and pump away discreetly while answering emails!

Nursing bras and clothes

When you’re a nursing mum, you’ll definitely want to live in lots of cozy, breathable, and stretchable clothing -- especially in the first few months when your baby constantly wants to feed. 

Hence, it’s important to stock up on comfortable nursing bras, nursing tanks, and nursing nightgowns that you can easily pull down when your baby wants to feed.

Nursing pads

Breast milk leakage is very normal, but can be a little inconvenient and embarrassing, especially when you’re out of the house! Therefore, you might want to buy a stash of nursing pads to catch leaks as they happen.

Nursing Bra
moms bra with new disposable breast pad

Nipple creams, lotions, and ointments

Your early days of breastfeeding will give you sore nipples. Applying nipple cream, lotion, or ointment can help to soothe and protect the sensitive area. Just be sure that it's specially formulated to be safe for your baby too!

cream or lotion with white towel on the round wooden plate
Amuseable Watermelon Pair Of Muslins

Muslin blankets

Muslin blankets are great because they’re multipurpose. You can use them:

  • To swaddle your baby

  • As a sun shield and cover their pram while you go on walks 

  • As a changing mat

They’re also useful for nursing, as they can be used as burp cloths, and double as nursing covers! While any blankets or cloth would do just fine, muslin blankets are light and breathable making it more comfortable for both you and your baby.

Jellycat’s muslins are 100% made of cotton, and even have playful prints, making them a great item to have after nursing your baby.

Get shopping for your breastfeeding essentials today

Breastfeeding is an amazing experience, which comes with its own challenges.  

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