How To Choose The Best Crib For Your Baby

Updated: Feb 19

Gelato 3-in-1 Convertible crib

Having a crib at home is more than just for your child to sleep in. It’s a space that keeps your child safe and comfortable in the earliest stage of their lives.

As you look for the best crib for your baby, you’ll want to take into account factors like safety and durability, longevity of use, and how well it’ll fit into your lifestyle.

Here we list some of the factors you may want to consider as you search for a suitable baby crib or cot for your little one.

1. Make sure your crib meets key safety standards

Happy baby safe inside crib

For every purchase you make for your child, safety should definitely be one of your topmost priorities. The same goes for shopping for a crib!

What are its safety features? Are the materials used to make the crib safe for your little one?

Ideally, you should be looking for cribs that come with the necessary certifications, like non-toxic paint or varnishes, sturdy makes of wood, etc. Check if the product has the UL Greenguard Certification. This certification assures buyers that the product meets the world’s most rigorous third-party chemical emission standards. Take note of the pros and cons of each one.

2. Ensure a balance in form and function

While you may want a crib that can serve as the centrepiece in your nursery, remember that form is just as important as function when it comes to this baby furniture item.

A beautifully designed crib may be made of flimsy materials, for example, or may not have been built to grow with your baby past 1-2 years old.

Instead, consider picking a piece that can grow with your child, such as a convertible crib.

For instance, all of Hatchery’s cribs are convertible into toddler beds or day beds, and will serve as your little one’s bed until he’s 3-4 years old. It’s a plus that all of their cribs are well-designed too!

3. Choose the type of crib you’d prefer

Hudson convertible white crib

There are many different types of cribs available in baby stores, so take some time to find the one that’ll best suit your needs.

Standard Crib

These are the regular cribs that you can easily find when shopping for nursery furniture. You have your usual sides and its bars. These are durable enough to withstand time. Standard cribs are a perfect fit for new homes and families.

Convertible Crib

These cribs can be turned into beds for your little one, and are perfect for growing with your baby from infanthood to toddlerhood.


These are basically smaller sized cribs that can be placed by your bedside, so you can keep a closer eye on your child. They take up less space but generally can’t be used for long, as your child will outgrow them within 3-4 months.

Travel Crib

For families who are regularly on the move, these are the best option. Travel cribs are light and easy to assemble and disassemble, making them convenient and easy to transport. However they may not be the best solution for a permanent fixture in your baby room.

Mini Crib These are simply cribs that are smaller in size, but can go a long way if you’ve got limited space in your house for your baby to have a crib of his own! Babies can typically fit in these cribs until they’re around 2+ years old, before they have to be transitioned into a toddler bed.

This brings us to our next point: picking a choice based on the amount of space you have available.

4. Know the dimensions of the crib you want

Crib dimensions measurement

Before you start shopping for your crib, determine the amount of space you have available in your nursery or even your master bedroom for it. (You don’t want to pick an option that's too big and leaves you no space for other essential baby furniture like your dresser or rocker!)

So take some time to plan out where you’ll likely place each item before making your big purchase. If you can, measure out the space you have, and check the dimensions of your preferred crib online before purchasing.

You could also pay the physical store a visit to check out the size for yourself!

Find out more at Hatchery Cribs

Have a better idea now of what kind of crib best fits you and your baby’s needs?

If you’re still searching, jump onto Hatchery’s online directory where you can browse the top baby crib brands in Singapore, including our range of convertible cribs!

And if you’d like to see our cribs before purchasing them, you can even book a visit to our baby showroom.