Don't Buy a Baby High Chair Without Knowing This First

Updated: Mar 9

baby girl having fun while sitting on her high chair

Looking for a baby high chair? Well, choosing one may not be as easy as you imagine.

There are many things to consider, especially since buying a baby high chair can be a serious investment. Do it wrong and you'll end up with an expensive nursery item that does little to make your life as a parent easier.

Luckily for you, we're here to help. Here are the things you should know before you buy a high chair.

1. It needs to withstand 2 years or more of use

baby girl toddler playing beside her high chair

This is fairly obvious: a sturdy chair offers better value through longer use.

It's not just about your baby either. The chair may be handed down to younger siblings or relatives, for instance.

Some high chairs can even have pretty good resale value!

Note that your average high chair may have to endure a lot of dragging/repositioning in everyday use, and that only adds to the wear and tear it undergoes over time.

That's why even if you don't plan to hand it down or sell it later, you really have to look for as durable an option as possible.

Fortunately, an excellent chair may even be used longer than two years, as the best ones are now rated for very high loads.

That's because they can be used even after your little one has grown out of babyhood. Some, like the Hauck Alpha, can even be used by adults!

In that regard, it's a bit like buying a gliding feeding chair or nursing chair.

Get a good one - say a Babyletto chair or a DaVinci chair - and you get something whose looks and durability mean you can use it beyond the nursery.

That's why it pays to be extremely picky about build quality.

2. The best chairs grow with your baby

young girl sitting on her converted high chair

This ties into what we said about the best chairs being usable past babyhood.

That's because there are now convertible high chairs.

You can convert them into toddler chairs, children's seats, and in the case of the Alpha high chair, adults' stools.

The Alpha high chair even has two optional installations that further expand its function.

One is the Alpha+ Tray which is an expandable and removable piece you can use for the baby's feeding time.

The other is the Alpha 2-in-1 bouncer, which keeps the baby in an ergonomic and supine position and sports a three-point harness for safety. Installing this on the chair essentially makes it usable from birth.

Even if you're not aiming for something quite that multifunctional, try to go for a chair that will give you good service for more than a year.

It should at least support the stages from the baby's first time feeding upright to their toddlerhood, when they need boosters.

3. Accidents are likely to happen if the chair isn't designed for safety

hecking safety of high chair

You want a chair that's not likely to tip, collapse, or let your baby fall out of it.

To that end, start by looking for buckles to secure your baby to the chair. A multipoint harness would help too.

Finally, make sure the chair has undergone testing by the manufacturer or a third party.

Check that they've certified its safety for a baby's use.

Some high chairs can be a pain to clean

baby boy sitting on high chair and making a mess

This is because some high chairs have materials that you can't wipe down easily with just any cleaner.

Some have fabric seats, for instance, and those are definitely difficult to clean.

Look for ones with surfaces or materials that you can wipe down easily. If it has to have cushions, make sure it has washable or even plastic covers.

If it comes with a feeding tray, opt for something easily washed as well. Some chairs have trays you can even throw in the dishwasher.

Look for chairs with few cracks and crevices where crumbs can park too! This will lower the chances of you missing unhygienic material while cleaning the chair in between uses.

Still need help choosing a high chair?

cute baby boy happily eating his mean on high chair

Now if you're still uncertain of how to choose a good high chair, that's all right. You can just get in touch with us.

We'll help you find the perfect high chair for your baby. If you book an appointment in our showroom, we can even show you options in person!

So, don't hesitate to drop us a line should you need more assistance with your purchase. We'll be glad to help you.