How Important is a Nursing Chair in the Nursery?

Updated: Feb 25


If you think sitting on any couch or bed is good enough for nursing, you are missing out! Due to space constraints, many soon-to-be parents may push nursing chairs to the back of their mind. Little do they know that a good nursing chair makes all the difference in their parenting journey! Unlike ordinary chairs, nursing chairs are designed to offer optimal support and comfort to make your pregnancy and nursing days a whole lot easier and better.

If nursing chairs are not high up on your nursery essentials list, it’s time to bump it up!

Why do you need a nursing chair?

1. Comfort is key


Don’t underestimate the duration you’ll spend nursing your baby or rocking them to sleep.

Sitting with pillows propped by your sides and back may seem comfy now, but it’ll be a more challenging experience when you’re nursing your baby and sitting still for up to hours at a time. You’ll soon start to feel it on your back, arms, and maybe even neck. The nursing chair is thoughtfully designed to provide more flexibility for lengthy feeds, good back support, and is ideal for swollen feet with either a matching ottoman or reclining feature.

The nursing chair is one of the most underrated nursery essentials- doing wonders for your pregnancy and nursing journey with its ridiculously comfortable seat and supportive armrests.

2. Creating habits and routines

Having a dedicated nursing chair helps your baby associate their feeding time with familiar and calming surroundings. Allocating a nursing space will aid in developing their daily routine in the early days, which will establish a comfortable daily rhythm that’ll be ideal for both you and your baby.

3. Rock-a-bye baby

Rocking your baby helps soothe them, especially if they’re crying or fussing. It lulls your baby to sleep with the gentle swaying motion. Imagine the time and effort spent on your feet, trying to calm your crying baby or get them to sleep without a nursing chair to assist you on this very tedious task.

Hence for that purpose - most nursing chairs come with a rocking feature, and some even swivel!

4. Grows with you