How Important is a Nursing Chair in the Nursery?

Updated: Feb 7

Singapore's apartments are tiny, but if you have the luxury of space in your house, you should definitely splurge on a nursing chair! Nursing your baby takes up A LOT of time daily. You could nurse on your bed, or on any ordinary chair. But having a dedicated comfy nursery rocker-glider nursing chair makes it so much better.


1. Don't hurt your back.

Watching the telly with pillows propped up your back seems comfy, now try that while nursing, and try to sit still for 45 minutes to an hour at minimum. Your back will hurt.

2. Don't disturb the spouse.

Nursing on the bed is oh-so-convenient, but what if your spouse is a light sleeper and you don't want to wake him up with all your fidgeting around while nursing? To all parents of newborns, sleep is a rare-commodity, so try to preserve it as much as you can - if not for yourself, at least for your spouse.

3. Babies loved to be rocked.

Babies fall asleep to movement, so unless you want to walk baby around the house to get them to sleep every time, a rocking chair or glider is essential.

4. Doubles up as a comfy couch for reading or for watching the telly

No one will complain about having an ultra-comfy couch in the house that is perfect for reading, watching TV, or for sleeping in - unless it's an ugly eyesore (which we don't sell, all the nursing chairs we sell are super stylish).


1. Space constraints

Eeks. It was already tough having to clear a room for the nursery. Worst comes to worst, the nursing chair does not have to be in the nursery, it could even be in the living room!

2. Price

Good quality & comfy nursing chairs are not cheap (from $899 and above). But hey, that's cheaper than the latest iPhone in the market!


Yes, there is definitely a lack of this precious commodity in the market. That's where we come in, check out our full range of nursing chairs on our website Hatchery Cribs.