Mother playing with young child before feeding baby milk from anti-colic bottle

8 Best Baby Milk Bottles in Singapore (2024)

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Choosing The Right Baby Milk Bottle For Your Little One

Hello, and welcome to our comprehensive guide on selecting the perfect baby milk bottle for your precious little bundle of joy! As a parent, making informed choices is paramount, especially when it is something as fundamental as feeding.

With an overwhelming array of options available on the market, each boasting its unique selling points and benefits, the journey to finding the right milk bottle may seem rocky. Fret not, for we will navigate through the sea of choices in this article, unravel the key considerations, and provide valuable insights to empower you to make a decision that aligns with your baby's needs and your peace of mind.

Whether you're a first-time parent or looking to upgrade your bottle game, join us as we deep dive into understanding baby milk bottles, simplify this pivotal chapter of parenthood, and share our favourite baby milk bottles in Singapore.

Mother playing with young child before feeding baby milk from anti-colic bottle

"Hang on. Do I need baby milk bottles if my baby is breastfed?”

Absolutely! Even if you primarily breastfeed, having a few baby milk bottles on hand can be incredibly beneficial as they offer flexibility and convenience for feeding time.

It allows other caregivers to participate in feeding, providing you with well-deserved breaks and fostering a sense of bonding between your baby and other family members. Moreover, it's common for breastfeeding mothers to occasionally pump and store breast milk for times when they can't be present to nurse directly. However, selecting the right type of bottle that supports your baby's feeding habits while minimising the risk of nipple confusion is crucial. 

newborn baby being bottle fed breast milk by mother

8 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Baby’s Milk Bottle

Before diving into Singapore's top 8 best baby milk bottles, you should consider these crucial factors that can significantly impact your little one's feeding experience.

1. Bottle Material

There are different materials used for baby bottles. Some of the common options include plastic, silicone, and glass. When choosing your baby’s bottle, look out for materials free from BPA, phthalates, lead, and PVC, and ensure that they are made from safe materials and free from harmful or toxic chemicals.

2. Bottle Shape

When shopping for baby bottles, you’ll notice that they come in different shapes. The standard bottle shape is tall, narrow, and straight. Other widely available shapes include wide, angled, and even breast-shaped bottles, like the Nanobebe Breastmilk Baby Bottle!

The size and shape of the bottle should align with your baby's developmental stage. For example, angled bottles will be most suitable for newborns as the bend at the neck prevents air from filling the nipple, making it easier to feed and preventing gassiness. When your child can begin holding their own bottles, bottles with a slimmer design might be easier for them to grasp. As they grow, consider transitioning to wider bottles that accommodate their developing motor skills.

3. Bottle Size

Consider your baby's age, feeding habits, and developmental stage when selecting the right bottle size! Smaller-sized bottles, ranging from 4 to 6 ounces, are generally appropriate for newborns as they have smaller appetites and require frequent feeding. As your baby grows, transitioning to larger bottle sizes, typically 8 to 9 ounces, may be necessary to accommodate increased feeding volumes. Remember that this is only a guide, and every baby is unique. You can stay attuned to your baby's cues by observing their feeding patterns and adjusting the bottle sizes to their needs for a seamless feeding experience.

4. Bottle Teat / Nipple

Selecting the right baby bottle teat or nipple is a critical decision for parents seeking optimal comfort and nutrition for their little ones. Begin by understanding your baby's feeding preferences – some may prefer nipples that mimic the breast, while others may adapt better to a different shape. Consider the material; silicone is durable and easy to clean, while latex is softer and more flexible. Frequent feeding sessions will make cleaning essential, so opt for nipples that are easy to disassemble and wash thoroughly. Flow rate matters too! Newborns usually require slow-flow nipples to avoid overwhelming feeds. Anti-colic features can be beneficial for reducing gas and fussiness. Lastly, take note of your baby's latch – the nipple's shape should support a proper latch to promote healthy oral development. By considering these factors, you can confidently choose a baby bottle nipple that aligns with your baby's needs and the demands of your dynamic lifestyle.

5. Venting

The venting features in your baby's bottle are paramount for your little one's comfort. Singapore's climate can exacerbate concerns like colic, making effective venting crucial. Opt for bottles with advanced venting systems that minimize air intake during feeding, reducing the risk of gas and colic. Look for designs with anti-colic valves or built-in venting tubes that allow air to flow away from the milk, preventing the formation of bubbles. Additionally, consider bottles with easily removable and cleanable venting components to keep your bottles clean. Popular brands in Singapore often offer bottles with innovative venting technologies, so explore reviews and recommendations to find a bottle that suits your baby's needs.

6. Longevity & Versatility

Regardless of the baby bottle material, it is recommended to replace them every three to six months. This timeframe accounts for wear and tear, potential scratches or cracks that may harbour bacteria, and changes in bottle material over time. Regularly inspect the bottles for any signs of damage, discolouration, or lingering odours, and replace them promptly if any issues arise. Thorough cleaning after each use with hot, soapy water and a bottle brush helps extend their lifespan. As bottle teats or nipples may wear out more quickly, monitor them for signs of wear and tear and replace them every two to three months.

7. Ease Of Use

When selecting a baby bottle with ease of use in mind, prioritize simplicity and functionality.

Bottles with wide openings are the easiest to clean and simplify the process of pouring, measuring, and mixing formula or breast milk. Look for bottles with minimal parts, as they not only make assembly and disassembly a breeze but also reduce the risk of losing components. Bottles with clear markings for accurate measurements help ensure that your baby gets the right amount of nourishment. Consider designs with ergonomic shapes that are easy for both you and your little one to hold, promoting self-feeding as they grow. Additionally, explore bottles that are compatible with a variety of nipples, providing flexibility to adapt to your baby's preferences. Prioritizing these aspects of ease of use ensures a smoother and more convenient feeding experience for both parent and child. 

8. Price

When choosing a baby milk bottle based on price, it's essential to strike a balance between quality and affordability. Begin by comparing prices across various reputable retailers and online platforms to identify competitive deals. Look out for baby and mummy fairs or bundle deals where you may get great deals! Besides bottle sets or bundle deals, you can also consider joining mummy groups on social media to join group buys or bulk purchases, as they often offer cost savings. Additionally, keep an eye out for promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs that can further reduce expenses. While cost is a crucial factor, prioritize the bottle's safety, material, and design to ensure it meets your baby's needs. Don't compromise on quality for a lower price, as investing in a reliable and durable bottle is essential for your baby's well-being.

Top 8 Baby Milk Bottles in Singapore

1. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottles, Best for newborns

Philips Avent best value baby bottle in Singapore
Image by Philips Avent

Why do mums love this?

Philips Avent baby bottles are available in many online and retail stores, making them accessible and easy to find replacement parts in Singapore! This also means that you may be able to find deals on many shopping platforms. Not only are they great value for money, but also of good quality with different models of bottles for you to choose from. You might notice that there are Avent Natural Baby Bottle (featured above) and Avent Natural Response Baby Bottle. Although the two bottles are quite similar, the difference is mainly in the bottle teat opening. Check out Philips’ website to find out more. Do take note to choose the bottle size based on your child’s age.

2. Pigeon Baby Bottles, Best for value

Pigeon best ease-of-use baby bottle in Singapore
Image by Pigeon

Why do mums love this?

Established in 1957, in Japan, the Pigeon brand has become a household name in Singapore. They are easily found online and in retail stores, with different bottle materials to choose from. Check out their website to find out which is the right one for you. 

3. Hegen’s Baby Feeding Bottles, Best for ease-of-use

Hegen best ease-of-use baby bottle in Singapore
Image by Hegen

Why do mums love this?

Hegen milk bottle is extremely popular for the bottles’ ease of use and versatility. As there are no screw threads on the bottle, it’s quick and easy to open and close it! There are many bottle accessories available to suit your needs. With the right attachment, your baby’s bottle transforms into a manual breast pump or a food storage container.

4. Nanobebe Baby Bottle, Best for breastfed babies

Nanobebe best baby bottle for breastfed babies in Singapore
Image by Nanobebe

Why do mums love this?

Nanobebe baby feeding bottles are designed with breastfed babies in mind. Its breast-like dome shape and anti-colic feature make for a smoother transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding for your little one. 

5. Comotomo Baby Bottle, Best for bottle design

Comotomo baby bottle best for newborns in Singapore
Image by Comotomo

Why do mums love this?

Comotomo Baby Bottles are one of the most popular among mummies in Singapore. Thanks to its soft bottle body material and natural nipple design, it prevents nipple confusion for your little one. The anti-colic feature and easy-to-clean parts make them a top choice for parents.

6. Mama’s Choice Anti-colic Baby Bottle, Best anti-colic baby bottle

Mamas Choice best anti-colic baby bottle in Singapore
Image by Mama's Choice

Why do mums love this?

Not only do Mama’s Choice Anti-Colic baby bottles have all the features that parents prioritise, but they also come with an affordable price tag. No wonder this baby bottle is many mama's choice in Singapore!

7. Evorie Tritan Baby Bottles, Best for durability and weaning

Evorie Tritan best baby bottle for durability in Singapore
Image by Evorie

Why do mums love this?

This award-winning baby bottle has all the features you need for your little one! As your little one grows, you have the option to change the bottle cap to one with handles as your little one learns to feed themselves. The Tritan material is BPA &BPS free with glass-like clarity. It’s stain-free properties and wide neck bottle shape makes it easy to clean. The material can also withstand high heat and impact.

8. Dr Brown’s Baby Bottles, Best for longevity and versatility

Dr Browns best baby bottle for longevity and versatility in Singapore
Image by Dr Brown's

Why do mums love this?

Dr Brown’s baby bottles come with their famous patented two-piece internal venting system. They are also tested and proven to help babies who struggle with latching on and nipple confusion - with a whooping 93% success rate! 

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