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5 Best Free Pregnancy Apps in Singapore (2024)

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5 Best Free Pregnancy Apps in Singapore

Navigating the journey of pregnancy can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially in the modern digital age where a plethora of smartphone applications are designed to cater to every aspect of this transformative experience. Whether you're an expecting parent seeking informative resources, a supportive partner looking to stay engaged, or simply someone curious about the incredible process of bringing new life into the world, these carefully curated pregnancy apps are here to accompany you every step of the way. I have tried many pregnancy apps and shortlisted the best 5 for pregnant mummies! Read on to read my full testimony.

1) Best Pregnancy App for Information: What To Expect

What to expect pregnancy app review

What To Expect offers personalized week-by-week updates, expert advice, and a supportive community, making it a comprehensive and valuable resource for expectant parents.

Personally, this is my favourite app out of all of the pregnancy apps that I use. I use this app daily during my pregnancy to track my pregnancy progress and read informative articles.

What to expect pregnancy app

What I like about this app:

  • Informative daily tips that unlock daily, encouraging you to check in every day.
  • There are also weekly videos and articles that cover a range of interesting and relevant topics.
  • The app interface is put together well and easy to navigate. There are also hardly any ads which make using the app a pleasant experience.

What I didn’t like about this app:

  • As this is a US-based app, the Baby Registry and Community features are not as relevant to parents in Singapore.

2) Best Pregnancy App for parents in Asia: theAsianparent

The Asian Parent pregnancy app review

As many pregnancy apps are developed in Western countries, theAsianparent app stands out with its uniquely Asian perspective. The Asianparent app is more culturally relevant, provides expert advice, and has a supportive community that caters to the unique needs and experiences of expectant parents in Asia.

This is my go-to app when I want to read what other new Singaporean parents are going through, to feel like we’re all in this together.

The Asian Parent pregnancy app

What I like about this app:

  • Many community posts are contributed by mothers in Singapore, so the posts are more relevant and range from topics covering gynae recommendations, birth experiences, and best deals for baby products in Singapore
  • There are many community groups that you can join, even ones that are specific to the month of your due date. This provides the support of other parents going through their pregnancy journey at the same time as you.

What I didn’t like about this app:

  • The pesky advertisement. Pro tip: For those long ads, close and reopen the app to make the ads go away immediately.

3) Best Pregnancy Diary (Comprehensive): Ovia Pregnancy

Ovia pregnancy app review

Ovia offers a comprehensive pregnancy tracker with a range of features, including weekly updates, health information, and a due date calculator.

Ovia pregnancy app

What I like about this app:

  • The calendar function is the best of all. It allows you to add doctor’s appointments, milestones, photos, and track your health, and all represented on a monthly calendar with different icons.
  • It also allows you to record data like weight, mood, and symptoms that come with many prompts, allowing you to input your entries easily.
  • The app even includes features like a ‘Kick Counter’, ‘Contraction Timer’, and a ‘Food Safety Lookup’

What I didn’t like about this app:

  • The homepage is not as visually appealing nor well categorized, making it not as engaging to consume information and articles.

4) Best Pregnancy Diary (Basic): 280days

280days pregnancy app review

280days offers a beautifully designed interface, personalized daily tips, and a visual timeline to track the growth of both the baby and the mother throughout the journey.

I use this app for less than a minute daily to track my weight and mood. Other than that, I don’t use this app much.

280days pregnancy app

What I like about this app:

  • For moms that want a simple app to track pregnancy mood, weight and basic symptoms.

What I didn’t like about this app:

  • The app is very basic without many prompts, so many diary entries require open-ended writing.

5) Best Baby Name App: Baby Names

This app assists expectant parents in finding the perfect name for their baby by providing an extensive database of names, meanings, origins, and popularity trends.

Baby names pregnancy app review

What I like about this app:

  • The app is well-categorized: Top Boy/Girl Names, ideas list like ‘Old Fashioned Names’ and ‘ Twin Names’, names sorted out from A-Z by gender.
  • There is even a search function to find out the meaning and origin of a name.
  • The list of names they have is very, very extensive, including names of Arabic, Celtic, and Chinese origins.

What I didn’t like about this app:

  • Nothing! It does exactly what the app of the name suggests.

From personalized insights to vibrant communities, these apps offer a wealth of support and information, ensuring that the journey to parenthood becomes not only smoother but also enriched with knowledge, connection, and empowerment. I hope my experience and insights can help you to choose the right apps and planner that will accompany you in your pregnancy journey!

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