Travelling Overseas With a Baby

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Travelling Overseas With a Baby: Tips & Best Travel hacks

Planning a day out with an infant is no easy feat, let alone an overseas trip with a little tot. With increasing relaxation on travel restrictions, air travel is likely to be on everyone’s mind having been grounded for so long.

Proper research and preparation do wonders and can pretty much make or break your first overseas trip with your baby. Be aware and take advantage of any baby or family-friendly options your flight carrier or hotel might offer. Here are some details to keep in mind, and essentials to pack with you!

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Booking your flight

Most airlines require infants to be at least 8 days old for air travel, but ideally, you would want your baby to be at least 3-6 months old for a more comfortable travel experience. Infants (below 24 months old) are not required to have their seat as they can sit on the lap of the accompanying adult, but some airlines charge a percentage of the ticketed fee while others allow complimentary lap infant travel, so be sure to check directly with the airline.

Children (above 2 years old and below 12 years old) are required to have their own seats. Unfortunately for most airlines, child fares are the same as adult rates. If you’re planning a trip near your little one’s 2nd birthday - do take note that once they turn 2 years old (even before the return flight date), they’re no longer considered an infant and would require their own ticketed seat.

Travel essentials

Packing for your baby will probably take up more than half your baggage space. From snacks and toys for entertainment to diapers and strollers, it can be a rather lengthy list so here are some essentials you’ll need for your trip.

Travel gear

father and baby on miamily hipster baby carrier

A baby carrier is the most convenient way to carry your baby around as keeping them close by not only makes them feel safe but also allows you to go hands-free. Many parents pick baby carriers over baby wraps as the baby carriers offer more support and structure to both baby and parent, and have a longer term of use - making it worth the investment. The MiaMily Hipster Plus: 2-in-1 Carrier & Hip Seat is a classic favourite among parents, and it features a detachable hip seat and has 6 unique carry positions to suit your comfort. For those who wish to travel light, the Hipster Air: Inflatable Compact Baby Carrier is the ultimate choice! Lightweight with an inflatable seat valve, it folds into a small pouch - no bigger than a makeup pouch.

If you’re looking for a piece of game-changing luggage MiaMily MultiCarry Ride-On Luggage should be at the top of your list. It configures into a ride-on suitcase for children or a portable seat for adults (up to 100kg) with 360-degree wheels, making it such a sweet ride.

For those who are planning to bring a baby stroller on your trip, here’s a tip - it doesn’t necessarily have to be cabin-sized! Most premium airlines provide a gate check service for baby strollers, where you can simply wheel your stroller to the departure date and pass it to the cabin crew before you board the plane. You can collect it back just outside the door when you disembark. Not to mention, there’s no more worrying about your stroller getting damaged from cramped storage if you happen to be on a very full flight. Be sure to check directly with the airline first to ensure you can enjoy this privilege.

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If you’re on a long-haul flight, chances are you’ll need a portable breast pump as mothers typically have to pump every few hours. Get one that’s perfect for on-the-go, discreet, easy to wash and smart for the ultimate convenience when pumping on the flight. This is exactly why the Elvie Pump: Electric Breast Pump is at the top of everyone’s mind.

Available in either a Single or Double, the Elvie Pump spots a seamless design with ultra-silent pumping for a discreet pumping experience. Remotely control the settings via the ‘Pump with Elvie’ app on your phone and track your milk volume, making it truly hands-free.

Entertainment and care

Keep your little one occupied with their favourite toy - Lollibly’s Cho Snuggy Buddy Pillow is the perfect cosy companion for cuddling. Made from 95% Bamboo Fibre & 5% Spandex, it’s like hugging a cloud! Available in 2 adorable designs and 3 sizes, are you Team Momo or Team Maru?

Collect the whole set with Lollibly’s Portable Changing Pads and Wet Bags as these practical items are a must-have when travelling with a little tot.

‘Baby on Board’, but internationally

Make a list and check it thrice! Most importantly, be flexible and take things in stride. After all, you are on vacation so don’t forget to have fun with your family. Contact us if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to guide you along.

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