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When Should I Start to Prepare for my Baby?

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When Should I Start to Prepare for my Baby?

Many new mums wonder when exactly they should start to prepare for their baby.

Technically, of course, it’s never too early to prepare. For example, as soon as you learn you’re pregnant, you may want to think about adjusting your lifestyle or diet to be healthier.

But if we’re just talking about when you should start to buy items for your baby, that’s where things get a bit more complicated. 

Here, we’ll discuss the matter and try to help you figure out when you should get into your baby preparations. We’ll also go over some of the things to buy for a newborn in Singapore!

pregnant woman preparing baby clothes

What Preparations to Make Early On

If we set aside preparations that involve purchases of baby equipment or nursery furniture, we can easily tell you to prepare ASAP for your baby.

That means doing things like setting an appointment with your obstetrician for a checkup and consultation, as well as looking into your options for maternity insurance.

On that note, you should definitely start preparing your finances as well.

Adding a baby to the family isn’t cheap. It’s worth it, though, so it’s best to make things easier on you and your partner by planning for the financial aspect of this early on.

You’ll also have to arrange things like prenatal tests as well as maternity leave if you’re a working mother. The latter isn’t something you’ll use just yet, of course, but it’s best to know how it works at your office in advance.

Finally, as we mentioned before, you’ll probably want to start making changes to improve your health. Eat better, skip alcohol and nicotine, and adopt a light exercise routine, for instance.

All of these changes can benefit you as well as your baby.

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When to Start Buying Items for the Baby

Here’s where the general advice is to wait a little before you start.

Most people will tell you that the best time to start buying items for your baby is in the thirteenth week. That’s because this signals the beginning of the second trimester.

This matters since reaching the second trimester means a significant drop in the chances of miscarriage. Unpleasant as it may be to note this, most miscarriages happen in the first trimester - perhaps 80% of the total, in fact.

Hence, most people advise waiting until the second trimester to start investing in things for your baby. 

That being said, we also admit that there’s nothing inherently wrong with starting before or later than that! There are even some who advise buying only around the third trimester.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re comfortable with and your own finances. There’s no need to start buying big-ticket items early if you really can’t afford them yet, for instance.

As long as you have most things ready by the end of the third trimester, you should be golden.

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What Should You Get First?

If we’re talking about things to buy for a newborn in Singapore, there are a number of items to get ready before the baby comes.

You’ll need clothes. You won’t be able to size your baby properly until they’re born, of course, but there’s usually a bit of leeway in newborn clothes to allow for that.

You also need an infant car seat. Don’t be tempted to save this for last, as you won’t even be able to bring your baby home from the hospital without it, due to the laws here!

Then there’s the baby crib, changing table, diapers, and wipes. Some parents even recommend getting a baby stroller in Singapore already, for easy transport.

If you’re nursing, you may want a breast pump too, of course. Otherwise, you’ll need bottles for formula. 

And remember: this is really just the beginning. There are many other items you’ll have to add to your kit as time passes and your baby grows. 

For more information on what else to buy for your baby, check out our other baby guides.

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Want More Help Picking Out Items for Your Newborn?

That pretty much covers the basics of when and how to prepare for your baby. If you need more help with that, though, we can provide it!

We’ve helped many new mums and dads get their nursery gear together through our store, which also has a ware studio for those who want to see the items they’re buying. Feel free to visit our ware studio, check out our virtual showroom, or contact us if you have any questions!!