Choosing the Right Pregnancy Pillow

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During your pregnancy, you will realise that lounging and sleeping are not as comfortable as before. A pregnancy pillow is designed for optimal comfort as its unique shape and length support the changing curves of your body throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy pillows will be a need when you start finding it difficult to change sleeping positions. Most pregnant mums will begin experiencing this in their second trimester (~Week 20) when your belly starts to expand. The growing belly can cause pain in your lower abdomen and makes turning difficult - so this is an ideal time to get the extra support when trying to sleep.

With such a wide range of pregnancy pillows available, here’s a guide on choosing the best one for you.

Getting the right shape and size

Sleeping on your left side is the ideal position for optimal circulation. However, sleeping on your side can become uncomfortable with your growing belly. Getting a pregnancy pillow will give you more cushioning support as it contours to your changing body.


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Most U-shaped or C-shaped pregnancy pillows fall under this category as their longer length makes their function more versatile. The Doomoo Buddy: Organic Cotton Multi-functional Cushion (Sleeping, Nursing, Lounging) is usable even beyond the pregnancy - for nursing and lounging. Standing at almost 180cm, its soft flexibility and firm support make it a classic hugger among mothers.

Belly support

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If you are lo