The 5 Most Important Baby Nursery Essentials in Singapore

Updated: Feb 19

It’s easy to forget something when running up a list of all the things your baby nursery needs. Babies need so many things, after all!

However, we’ll restrict today’s list to 5 of the most important baby nursery essentials. This way, you know what to prioritize when buying nursery furniture.

We’ll also go over why your nursery needs these pieces and how to choose products for each of them. That way, you can make sure that you end up with something you won’t regret.


The crib is a necessity for babies because it’s practically their “homebase”. It’s not advised to keep babies in adults’ or children’s beds because these typically don’t have sides to keep them secure.

Bigger beds also tend to have a lot of pillows, soft mattresses, and other surfaces where babies can be at risk of suffocation. A crib (especially a bare one) is far safer for a baby.

As such, the crib needs to be a comfortable haven for your little one. Start your search for a good one by ensuring its durability.

That means looking for cribs with solid construction and sound materials. Old or broken ones aren’t safe for babies and are accidents waiting to happen.

Avoid ones with exposed hardware too, as the baby can also hurt himself on those. You yourself can get scratches if you’re careless around exposed hardware.

Furthermore, you should ensure that the crib is finished with a non-toxic material: some traditional wood finishes or paints are mildly toxic or are allergens, so watch out for that.

A good example of a serviceable crib that meets all these requirements is the Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib. Made of sturdy New Zealand pine, it also sports a non-toxic finish and hidden hardware.

Better yet, it’s convertible into a toddler bed or daybed for when your baby gets bigger. That means it’s an investment that will last!


If you have a crib, you need a mattress. It’s not like you want your baby to sleep on a bare plank of wood, after all.

A good mattress is one that’s comfortable but decidedly firm. As noted earlier, overly yielding surfaces can be suffocation hazards for babies, particularly very young ones.

You can tell if a mattress is firm by pressing on the centre of it. It should bounce back into shape quickly.

The best firm mattresses are also typically made of high-density foam or steel springs. Bonus points if they come with hypoallergenic covers!

Some even make a point of non-toxic composition, like the Pure Core Crib Mattress. It has no PVC, PFC, phthalates, or similar compounds, which is all the better for your baby.


Nursing pillows aren’t just for the baby but for the parents too! They can be used to provide extra support when nursing as well as holding the infant. And later on, they can be used to prop up the baby as well.

Your choice of nursing pillow is largely down to your preferences, though. For example, depending on your body shape and size, some pillows may be better for you than others.

Test out nursing pillows to see which ones feel comfortable for you while positioning the baby the right way. You can more or less estimate this if you know the size of your baby, but it’s even easier with a baby doll (or a same-size facsimile of one) on hand.

Put the baby doll on the pillow during testing and make sure its neck is straight and its face faces your breast directly. If not, look for another pillow.

A good tip here is to look for a pillow with a machine-washable cover and the option for refilling the pillow to combat eventual flattening. This ensures hygiene as well as longevity of use.

An example of a pillow that ticks those boxes is the Doomoo Buddy: because its cover is machine-washable and it can be refilled to keep it plump, you can reasonably expect to use it for a very long time.


If you already have a nursing pillow, should you also get a nursing chair? We think so, because it makes relaxing with the baby during feeding time so much more comfortable.

Indeed, the best nursing chairs even come with rocker designs, so you can rock the baby (and yourself) easily while nursing or pumping milk.

The Sleepytime Rocker is a great example of such a rocker, with its ash hardwood rocker-style legs. It even comes with a lumbar pillow to ensure your comfort.

What’s more, it fulfils all the requirements of a good rocker: solid construction, handsome design, and easy-to-clean upholstery covers.

Moreover, a good nursing chair like this one can serve as a regular addition to your living room after your child is past nursing age. It’s certainly good-looking enough to be displayed outside of the nursery!


This is something that you’ll only need later on, when your baby can finally sit up and eat solid food. Still, once that stage hits (about 6 months in), a high chair is invaluable.

That said, there are some high chairs designed to accommodate babies even earlier than 6 months. A great example is the Alpha+ High Chair from Hauck.

Paired with the Alpha Bouncer 2in1, it can be used even by infants, making it easier for you to reach the baby when you’re seated. That makes it a good option for parents looking for a safe place to keep the baby when they’re at the table themselves.

Be sure that whatever high chair you pick comes with an option to attach a feeding tray, by the way, because that’s the main purpose of getting a high chair once a baby hits 6 months.

Look for tilt-proof and tested items too, obviously. You don’t want chairs that tend to wobble or endanger your baby.

Finally, look for chairs designed to grow with the baby, if possible. The Alpha+ has a height-adjustable seat and foot plate for that purpose, for instance. It can even support up to 90kg of weight!

Of course, not all high chairs are going to be nearly this durable. It’s also possible that you have other requirements in a high chair.

If you need a little help finding a high chair that suits your needs—or any other kind of nursery furniture, even beyond the ones we listed above—feel free to reach out to us. We’re always ready to lend parents a hand!