4 Best Nursing Chairs in Singapore 2022

Updated: Feb 26

What is a nursing chair? It is basically a chair that parents use to rock their baby to sleep, or for mothers to breastfeed in. To make nursing sessions comfortable for both the mother and baby, nursing chairs tend to be comfortable, well-supported, and able to glide back and forth. The soothing rocking motion of a nursing chair aids in calming babies down and is often very helpful in getting little ones to sleep.

Due to space constraints in Singapore apartments, many new parents tend to put off buying a nursing chair. However, if you have the luxury of space in your house, a nursing chair is a must-buy and will be your best friend for your feeding sessions in the months to come.

1. The rocking chair that reclines: DaVinci Piper Swivel Recliner

Hatchery_Blog6_Piper Recliner Nursing Chair Singapore

The Piper is our bestselling nursing chair by far. It not only rocks and swivels, but it also reclines. Reach for a small lever tucked in the right side of the seat, lift it, and the footrest automatically pops up. Lean back and relax! The Piper offers comfort and support that will make feeding time more pleasant and enjoyable.

2. The staple rocking chair: DaVinci Gabby Swivel Glider

Hatchery_Blog6_Gabby Nursing Chair Singapore

The Gabby has a comfortable headrest with its high pillow-back design, allowing moms and dads to lean back for some much-needed rest. Pair the Gabby with a pouf if you require a leg rest, or use it on its own if you want something more space efficient.

3. The rocking chair with extra storage: DaVinci Adrian Swivel Glider with Storage Ottoman