7 Best Doulas & Prenatal Classes in Singapore (2024)

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7 Best Doulas and Prenatal Classes in Singapore (2024)

First of all, congratulations! Parenthood is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Besides having fundamental prenatal (a.k.a. antenatal) care and preparation, such as taking folic acid supplements and building your baby nursery, there are so many other things new parents must learn to prepare for D-day - delivery day, of course! Having a doula and/or attending prenatal classes will better prepare new parents for the big day. They help to answer pregnancy-related questions, teach birthing and breathing techniques, and more. Some doulas and prenatal classes even prepare moms who want a vaginal birth after Caesarian(s) (Read more about VBAC here). Read on to discover if having a doula, joining a prenatal class, or both are right for you.

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Doulas, Prenatal Classes, or Both?

Both doulas and prenatal classes intend to guide you through delivery and labour. However, they differ slightly in their services. Prenatal classes teach soon-to-be parents methods to find comfort during and after childbirth (e.g. through breathing techniques). Meanwhile, doulas provide comfort and accompany mothers throughout the pregnancy journey and labour process. 

Prenatal classes are usually more structured with lesson plans and clear learning outcomes, while you can look at a doula as your personal childbirth tutor who works with your needs. Naturally, the former option usually offers private lessons, yet a doula will provide more intimate support for the new parents-to-be. Should you desire waterbirth, hypnobirthing, VBAC, or home birth, having a doula will comfort you and your partner with greater emotional and information support. 

Although having either is not compulsory, they are good-to-haves to help you get ready to welcome your little bundle of joy. Here’s a quick breakdown of prenatal classes and doulas.

new dad supporting pregnant wife learning labour breathing technique preparing for newborn birth

Prenatal (a.k.a. Antenatal) Classes

Prenatal classes are beneficial in preparing mum and dad on what to expect for the arrival of their baby through hands-on activities.

A typical prenatal class is carried out over 3-4 sessions and covers the following topics:

  • Prenatal and postpartum nutrition

  • Prenatal and postpartum exercise to prepare the body for childbirth

  • How to support your pregnant partner during labour

  • What to expect and do during childbirth, e.g. breathing techniques, pain management, and contraction

  • Breastfeeding

  • Taking care of your newborn, e.g. bathing, feeding, swaddling, and more

Hospitals in Singapore may offer such prenatal classes and includes a hospital tour to provide a glimpse of their facilities. Otherwise, you may choose from many independent prenatal classes with more customised services.


A doula is experienced in the birthing and labour processes and trained in providing emotional, physical, and information support for you and your partner during pregnancy and labour. She acts as a mentor during your parenthood journey while respecting and supporting you and your partner's birthing experience.

A doula is a great addition to prenatal classes since she will be by your side throughout your labour. Some doulas may have expertise that aligns with your birth plan better than others, so it is always a good idea to start your search as early as possible.

Remember to check if they offer free consultations and speak to them before you commit to a doula.

7 Best Doulas & Prenatal classes in Singapore

1. Thomson Medical Centre

Prenatal Classes from $300

Types of services:

  • Prenatal classes (Childbirth Preparation Course)

  • Lactation consultation

2. Birth Discovery

Birth & Labour Doula from $1800 | Prenatal Classes from $450

Birth Discovery Singapore Prenatal classes for new parents learning about prenatal yoga hypnobirth childbirth labour and infant care
Image by Birth Discovery‚Äč‚Äč

Types of services:

  • Birth & Labour Doula

  • Prenatal classes (Childbirth Preparation Course)

  • Hypnobirth

3. Beloved Bumps

Birth & Labour Doula from $2000 | Prenatal Classes from $300

Beloved Bumps Singapore demonstration of how to swaddle newborn baby in prenatal class while new parents gather to learn
Image by Beloved Bumps‚Äč‚Äč

Types of services:

  • Birth & Labour Doula

  • Prenatal classes (Childbirth Preparation Course)

  • Hypnobirth

  • Lactation consultation

4. Wonder Births

Birth & Labour Doula from $2600 | Prenatal Classes from $550

Wonder Births Singapore Doula providing pregnant mum with prenatal support
Image by Wonder Births‚Äč‚Äč

Types of services:

  • Birth & labour Doulas

  • Postpartum Doulas

  • Prenatal classes (Childbirth Preparation Course)

  • Prenatal yoga at¬†Terra Luna Yoga

  • Free 30-minute consultation

5. Blooming Births

Birth & Labour Doula from $2300 | Prenatal Classes from $600

Blooming Births Singapore Doula providing new parents with emotional physical and information support during pregnancy
Image by Blooming Births‚Äč‚Äč

Types of services:

  • Birth & Labour Doula

  • Prenatal classes (Childbirth Preparation Course)

  • Postpartum care

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Fertility support

  • Other women's wellness services (e.g. womb massage)

6. Lemamasita

Birth & Labour Doula from $2000

Lemamasita Singapore Doula comforting mom going through child birth and labour at home
Image by Lemamasita‚Äč‚Äč

Types of services:

  • Birth & Labour Doula

  • Virtual Birth & Labour Doula

7. Mother & Child

Prenatal Classes from $690

Mother and Child Singapore dad and pregnant mum learning how to take care of newborn infant using fake baby during antenatal class
Image by Mother and Child‚Äč‚Äč

Types of services:

  • Birth & Labour Doula

  • Prenatal classes (Childbirth Preparation Course)

  • Hypnobirth

  • Lactation consultation

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates

Start preparing for your baby!

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