Baby Girl sitting on the floor with a cake and Celebrating First Birthday

How to Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

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How to Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Baby Girl sitting on the floor with a cake and Celebrating First Birthday

We know that planning for your baby’s first birthday party can be both an exciting and nerve-wrecking journey. Fret not though because we’re here to make your life a bit easier!

We’ve put together a short birthday party checklist to make sure that you have everything covered, starting from the guest list down to the party decorations. 

Whether it’s your first time planning a party or your second, these tips will help you organise an unforgettable (and COVID-safe) birthday for your little bundle of joy!

1. Make a guest list

Guest list written on the notebook

When it comes to birthday parties for babies, there’s no need to invite more than 10 guests. 

With the constant changes in restrictions, try to limit the guest list to just immediate family and closest friends to keep the celebration as intimate as possible. Remember to check on the current restrictions to know the number of guests allowed in a single gathering as well. 

Your little one is too young to be aware of what’s going on anyway, so don’t be pressured to throw a massive gathering with lots of attendees. 

You’ll have more chances to throw birthday parties in the future, so it’s better to save the bigger events for when your baby can enjoy them!

Reminder: toddlers are most comfortable when surrounded by familiar faces!

2. Consider your baby’s schedule


You’re the one who knows when your baby is most active and energetic, so plan the birthday party around their schedule. 

Since most babies are usually in high spirits during the morning, we recommend having an early party to catch your baby’s best mood. 

When the party is set around your baby’s schedule, it’s unlikely that they will get fussy and cry while everyone’s singing happy birthday!

Try to plan a party that doesn’t go beyond 3 hours since babies need at least 18 hours of rest! It may not seem like a long time, but that’s enough to serve food, slice the cake, sing happy birthday, and catch up with other guests.

3. Set a budget

Glass jar with money and a sticker with the words BUDGET, on a wooden table.

How much are you willing to spend for your baby’s first birthday? While some parents tend to go all out, there's nothing wrong with keeping things simple!

The budget determines your flexibility in terms of the number of guests, theme, venue, decorations, and also catering. By setting a budget early on, you get to control your spending.

When deciding on a theme, choose one according to their baby’s interests or you can also choose to throw a birthday party without a theme. 

For a budget-friendly option, go with a theme based on the time of the year. For example, if it’s February, then a red-filled birthday party works as decor will likely be available in abundance during that time!

When it comes to venues, hosting it at home is a low-cost option. However, if you’re planning to throw a huge party, though, try looking into clubhouses, parks, and beaches as possible venues.

4. Order a cake (or two) in advance

White frosted cake with candle 1 lit on top of it.

A birthday party wouldn’t be complete with a cake! It’s simply the highlight of any gathering, even for an adult’s birthday celebration!

If budget permits, try to order two cakes: one to be eaten and another one for your baby to play around with!

Trust us, your little one will not be able to resist digging their hands into the cake the moment they see it. Ordering two cakes will make sure that there will still be photos featuring an intact birthday cake!

We suggest ordering from independent bakeries as a way of supporting small businesses. These bakeries may have limited manpower, so put in your order at least a week or two in advance.

5. Shop for bright party decorations

Birthday decorations with balloons, gifts, toys, garlands and candy

There’s no doubt that babies are captivated by bright, colourful, and moving objects. To make the party more entertaining in their eyes, make sure to add lots of fun party decorations!

You can never go wrong with balloons, streamers, and stuffed animals. These are classic birthday party decorations that all babies are sure to love!

If you’re feeling a bit more creative, why not make the decorations yourself? Since you know your baby best, you’ll be able to incorporate all the objects, colours, and shapes they like.

Here’s our birthday party checklist to make sure you’re not forgetting anything!

Birthday Checklist

Planning a memorable birthday party

Cake, candies, marshmallows, on dessert table at kids birthday party

As a parent, it’s no doubt that you want your baby’s first birthday to be special. Instead of focusing on having a long guest list and expensive party decorations, give yourself enough time and room for preparation to turn it into an extraordinary celebration. 

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