Hatchery Singapore carries some of the best nursing and breastfeeding items in Singapore for moms who want convenience and comfort. We have all you need to nurse your baby, including the Elvie, the very first wearable silent breast pump.


You can get in touch with us if you need help deciding on nursing or breastfeeding items, or want more details on the ones we carry. 


Below are some FAQs to get you started if you have further questions before browsing our selections.


What items are needed for nursing or breastfeeding?

This depends on your preferences, but generally, you’ll need a nursing pillow and nursing chair to keep both you and the baby comfortable for long stretches. You should also think about getting nursing robes or tops that can be opened easily to accommodate your breastfeeding baby.

Do you need bottles if breastfeeding?

If you need to store a lot of milk in advance, then yes. The general rule is to get bottles for milk storage if you need to be away from your nursing baby for more than a few hours at a time.

How many bottles do you need for nursing?

If you’re breastfeeding the baby when you can, you can make do with as few as 3 bottles. In fact, you can purchase our Elvie pump bottles in packs of 3 for that purpose. If you’re bottle-feeding the baby often, though, you should look at getting as many as 10.