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8 Baby High Chair Safety Tips: Is Your High Chair Safe?

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8 Baby High Chair Safety Tips: Is Your High Chair Safe?

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The classic dining essential, in every household with a baby, is a baby high chair. Typically made of wood, this chair is ergonomically designed to elevate your toddler so they can dine comfortably at the table with the family.

When do babies need high chairs?

When your baby is at the 6-month-old mark and can sit up independently, you can consider starting them on solids. There are also convertible high chairs usable from birth with newborn attachments - perfect for practical parents.

Features of a safe baby high chair

With its height advantage comes the risk of falls or injuries, so it’s crucial to ensure your high chair is safe and practical for your baby. Here are some safety features to look out for when finding the right baby high chair.

1. Harness safety straps

It’s almost impossible for toddlers to sit still, so it’s important to strap them safely in. Most high chairs come with safety straps to prevent your baby from sliding down or climbing out of the chair. Ensure that the straps are securely fastened and snug but not too tight. Opt for a 5-point harness instead of a 3-point harness, as the former is able to better secure your baby safely.

2. Stable & sturdy

Look for a high chair with a wide base and a sturdy frame that won't tip over easily. The A-shape high chair is a classic favourite among parents thanks to its anti-tip structure. Consider adding a high chair cushion, especially on the back of the seat, to provide support and cushioning for any knocks to the back of the head of active toddlers.

3. Safety certifications

Do a quick google search to check if the baby high chair has been internationally certified to ensure it’s been properly manufactured and underwent professional testing to ensure its safety and durability. Some certifications to look out for include TÜV Approved, and FSC Certified if it’s made from wood.

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4. Follow weight and age limits

Different high chairs have varying weight and size limits, so choose an appropriate one for your child. Opt for one with at least a 40kg weight limit to ensure use till at least 3 years old. Of course, the more the better! Do not exceed the weight limit as this can compromise the safety of the chair.

Get one with a height-adjustable seat and footrest panel so you can adjust it accordingly as your baby grows for a more comfortable experience.

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High chair safety usage tips

In addition to getting the right high chair for your baby, here are some safety tips for parents to take note of when using baby high chairs.

1. Keep an eye on your child

Always supervise your child when they are in the high chair and never leave them unattended. 

2. Use the chair on a flat surface

Always place the high chair on a flat surface. Avoid placing it on uneven or sloping surfaces, as there’s a higher chance for it to tip over. For highchairs that require self-assembly, ensure that the screws on both sides are screwed in evenly so you won’t end up with a wobbly high chair.

3. Keep the chair away from hazards

It’s a given to not place sharp objects or hot surfaces nearby, but it’s a common oversight to place the high chair near a table or structure within your child’s reach so that they may be able to push hard enough against these surfaces to tip the chair over. 

A general rule of thumb is to keep the area around the high chair clear. Be more mindful if you have pets or older children around to prevent potential accidents.

4. Cleaning and maintenance 

High chairs can get dirty quickly, so remember to clean them regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria. Wipe down the chair after each use, and keep it dry, especially if it’s a wooden highchair. If you’re using it with a tray attachment, take it out to wipe to ensure no food particles get unknowingly stuck and dry it before re-attaching.

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Getting your baby high chair

It's always best to visit a physical store to check out the high chair in person before purchasing. Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions about baby highchair safety tips, or check out more baby guides here!

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