mother carrying a newborn baby

What to Bring to the Hospital for Your Delivery Day?

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What to Bring to the Hospital for Your Delivery Day

Is your due date approaching? 

One of the things worrying you now is probably the question of what to pack in your hospital bag. 

If you've no idea how to answer that query, don't worry. We're here to help. 

Below is our list of the items you need to pick up from a baby shop in Singapore to pack in your hospital bag on your due date!

mother carrying a newborn baby

Things to Bring for Your Baby

Here's a list of the items you have to bring for your little one.

  • Infant car seat - This is non-negotiable. You need a safe way to bring the baby home after your stint in the hospital. Note that we specify an "infant car seat", by the way. That's because not all baby car seats are suitable for infants. 

  • Fresh clothes - This is another thing you obviously need to bring if you want your tyke to be comfortable on the way back home. The difficulty here, of course, is that you won't know your baby's exact size until they've arrived… So you may have to bring more than one outfit to be safe. 

  • Bottles - These can come in handy even if you plan to breastfeed. Sometimes, it's just not comfortable to breastfeed right at the hospital, so you can either put your milk or some formula in the bottles on the way home. A pair of bottles should be fine. 

  • A breastfeeding pillow if you don't want to use bottles - These can keep your baby settled and secure during those first few nursing sessions. You can find these in our baby online store in Singapore. 

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  • A soft blanket - This can help you keep your baby even more comfortable on the way home. 

  • A spare bag - Why this? Well, notice that we didn't state that you need to bring diapers or wipes. That's because the hospital typically provides those. You may even want to call ahead and ask for a list of all the things they provide mothers so you can take those items off your own list. As for the spare bag, it's to hold any extra freebies you may get!

Things to Bring for Yourself

Mums have needs too, of course! Here are the things you need to tote for yourself on the day.

  • A warm, comfortable robe - Every mum-to-be needs this for her day, trust us! You shouldn't bring one you can't afford to lose, though.

  • Your birth plan - Only applicable if you have one, of course, but if you do, have it printed or ready for your doctor. 

  • Identifying and insurance documents - This means your valid ID as well as any insurance information you plan to use. You may also add pre-accomplished hospital forms to this.

  • Your mobile and charger - Must mums stay in the hospital for two days after the birth of their baby. To be safe, then, you have to plan for the possibility of draining your mobile phone. In fact, given how likely it is that your family members will keep the phone ringing after your baby's born, plan on your mobile getting a workout! You may even want to bring a power bank to be safe. 

  • Toiletries - Basically everything you need for personal care! That means things like pads, shampoo, a toothbrush, soap, a comb, and so on.

  • Clothes - Bring several changes for safety and keep in mind that you'll likely need something fairly loose even after you've given birth. Pack a nursing bra too though not necessarily for nursing: they're great for support. Finally, be sure to bring sensible shoes, which means flats! 

  • Something to keep your hair out of your face - This is especially important if you're doing natural birth. Your hair will need to be tamed!

  • Snacks - Unless you're fine with taking only hospital food or stuff from the vending machines, this is good.

mother preparing a list for chilbirth
mother preparing for child birth

Need Further Advice Prepping for the Baby?

That should help you prep your hospital bag for the special day! Of course, you do need to prepare other things for your coming bundle of joy, like a nursery, feeding station, and more. 

If you need help with those too, don't hesitate to contact us! We've helped many mums and dads prepare for their babies by finding them the perfect equipment for their needs. 

Reach out to us at the Hatchery and we'll do the same for you!