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What Are Baby Nests For?

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What Are Baby Nests For?

A baby nest, or a cocoon, is a compact baby sleeping pod that ensures your newborn feels safe and secure. Thoughtfully designed to be oval-shaped with raised edges, the baby nest mimics the feeling of being in a mother’s womb to foster a sense of safety and familiarity for your baby.

A baby nest is a nursery essential that’s versatile for sleeping and lounging while keeping your baby safe and cosy.

Features of a baby nest

In recent years, baby nests are starting to replace swaddles - for a good reason. Baby nest provides the feeling of warmth and safety of a swaddle, without the hassle of wrapping them up properly and the risk of getting loose after long hours. Not to mention, the raised sides of the baby nest ensure your baby remains in a designated protective space.

Of course, there is no harm in using both together. Here are some of the many features a baby nest has to offer.

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1. Multi-functional

A baby nest is your one-spot wonder where your baby can safely lounge, nap, and sleep all day and all night. It can even double-up as a quick nappie fix station. Enjoy playtime with a dangling arch mobile, or blow belly raspberries as your baby remains safe and snug in their cozy little space.

Look for one with an extendable base to maximize the lifespan of your baby nest. The Doomoo Cocoon: Organic Cotton Babynest is a widely popular choice among parents, and its extendable feature allows for use from birth up till 8 months.

2. Lightweight and portable

Portability is always a plus for versatile products as you would want to use it on various locations- indoors or outdoors - and the baby nest is no exception. This oval-shaped essential is light, easy to bring around the house, and over to your in-laws’ or friends’ place for them to fond over your bundle of joy. 

Do remember to store it in a clean travel bag, or back in its original reusable packaging if you’re planning to bring it out for a trip.

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3. Staying clean and fresh

Just like every other fabric that comes into contact with your baby, it’s bound to be washed from time to time, or if it gets stained. Hence you should get a baby nest with a removable cover (zip preferably) for easy removal.

Made with the softest organic cotton and breathable 3D material around the head area, the Cocoon is the ideal choice for Singapore’s humid weather.

Is it really safe for my baby?

There are safety concerns surrounding the baby nest for fear of suffocation if your baby leans too much to the side and their face makes contact with the edges. An easy solution is to look for a baby nest with a safety strap to keep them securely on their back. The Doomoo Cocoon also comes with an adjustable velcro safety harness that allows it to grow with your baby’s height.

Other considerations to take note of:

  1. No loose parts/items within your baby’s reach

  2. No sharp edges, including the zipper puller

  3. Place on a flat, firm, and stable surface at all times

  4. Professionally certified - including but not limited to OEKO-Tex certified, GOTS certified

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Complementing your baby nest

Looking for an easier way to keep your baby nest clean without removing the cover to wash each time? Just add an extra pad to fit it perfectly on the base of your baby nest, which makes easy to remove when a wash is due.

Another much-needed accessory is the Ergonomic Baby Head Pillow - specially designed with a hole in the middle to prevent flat head syndrome by homogeneously distributing pressure to maintain a healthy position.

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