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Benefits of Convertible Cots & Cribs

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Benefits of Convertible Cots & Cribs

For first-time parents, a cot or crib is an indispensable item to have ready before your baby comes. Having your baby sleep safely and well through the night is one of the top goals for most parents, and creating an optimal environment and a suitable crib type is critical to meet those goals.

Create a safe sleeping environment for your baby

Creating a safe and comfortable space for your little one is a priority. This involves some of the following factors: sleeping position, room temperature, mattress, and cot.

Use a swaddle or baby nest to keep your baby safe and snug on their back for sleeping at an optimal temperature of 20-24 degrees celsius.

Keep the mattress free of loose blankets, pillows, or toys to avoid accidental suffocation during unsupervised periods.

Your baby’s cot type is fundamental in creating a safe and comfortable sleeping routine for them. In the event of space constraints or for ease of convenience, opt to go for a bedside cot for your newborn first. Swap to a larger cot once they outgrow it, or are ready to sleep in their own room. But there may be a downside to this route as your baby may face difficulty transitioning into a new sleeping environment each time there are any changes. 

In any case, it’s important to note that these cribs or cots meet safety standards including but not limited to GREENGUARD Gold Certified, ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards.

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Why you should get a convertible cot or crib

With such a wide variety of cribs, here’s why a convertible crib is the best choice for any practical parent.

#1: Versatile

You can get many uses from a convertible crib as it’s incredibly versatile and can accommodate your growing baby’s needs. The more common configurations include an infant crib, a toddler bed, and a daybed, also known as 3-in-1. Most of these types include a toddler conversion panel that you can easily attach and convert the crib to a toddler bed configuration.

To fully maximize the use and space of your crib, you can even opt for one with storage drawer options like the Bento 3-in-1 Convertible Storage Crib from Babyletto. In addition to being Greenguard Gold Certified, this crib also features beautifully rounded corners and 2 functional drawers for any grab-and-go essentials.

#2: Cost-effective

You may have to pay a higher upfront cost, but a convertible cot is a long-lasting investment -- one that lasts your baby from newborn to toddler to a child. Hence you’re essentially saving money in the long run.

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#3: Consistent familiar space

Keeping their sleeping space consistent is essential in developing a routine for your baby as the familiar environment helps soothe and calm them. Switching up your baby’s bed from a bedside cot or mini crib to a standard crib when they outgrow it, may lead to difficulty transitioning into a new space and likely disrupt the previously established routine. Opting straight for a convertible crib prevents this issue from happening.

Some considerations

There are multiple advantages to buying a convertible crib that lasts throughout your child’s first 4-5 years, but here are some considerations before deciding if it’s the best choice for your lifestyle.

Ensure that it’s made from durable materials such as solid pinewood to ensure that they remain in good condition even after years of usage. Check out the sturdiness of the crib in person, if possible, to make sure it can withstand even the most active stage of toddlerhood.

Convertible cribs are typically larger than bedside cots or mini cribs, so make sure to assess the available space at home to ensure that it fits comfortably with ample walking space.

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