mother making a checklist for her and baby needs

Here's Your All-Around Baby Checklist

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Here's Your All-Around Baby Checklist

There are plenty of products that both mums and babies need. And it may be hard to ensure you have everything you need, especially if you’re a new parent!

We strongly recommend all parents who visit our baby nursery showroom to get all they need before their baby arrives. 

Why? Because as soon as their baby is born, they’ll probably be too preoccupied with taking care of their baby to truly seek out the best baby products!

Purchasing these essentials at the last minute may also result in you getting something that doesn’t exactly fit your needs, or they may be more expensive because you can’t put in time into sourcing more affordable alternatives.

To help you cover all bases, here’s a checklist of everything you need to prepare before you meet your little one.

mother making a checklist for her and baby needs

Baby essentials for dressing and feeding your newborn

Before purchasing your baby essentials, take some time to think about what you really need. Some products are nice-to-haves, but may not be absolute necessities!

Here are some of the top products you’ll need as soon as your baby arrives.

Baby Clothes

The most important thing your tot will need is his or her own clothes.

Buy your baby’s first outfits of clothes which should include basic pieces such as onesies, pyjamas, tops, bottoms, kit caps and hats.

You’ll probably need multiple sets -- babies are messier than you think!


This help keep your baby warm and comfortable while he sleeps. Blankets aren’t suitable for newborns, so to keep them warm, swaddles are the way to go.

Burp cloths and bibs

These are essential to help you and your little one keep clean while feeding.

(Cloth bibs will also help if your baby is teething and tends to drool a lot all over himself!)

laid out baby clothes and toys

Nursery furniture essentials

It’s exciting to prepare your nursery space for your tot, and there are many, many items you could buy to get the area ready for your little one’s arrival! 

Here’s a list of nursery essentials we’d recommend that’ll make things comfortable for you and your baby.

Baby Crib and Crib Mattress

It’s advised for toddlers and children to sleep in their own crib instead of sharing the bed with their parents. So this is definitely one of the first items you should purchase for your nursery! 

Check out our previous article on how to pick the best baby crib for your child.

Drawer dresser and changer set

You’ll need storage to keep all the clothes, bibs and even diapers for your little one. You’ll also need a space to change your baby’s dirty diapers every day.

Why not get an option that’ll help with both of these tasks? 

Pick a dresser drawer that doubles as a baby changer with a removable changing tray. 

This offers great convenience for you because every item you’d need to clean your little one up with will be within arm’s reach. 

And once your baby doesn’t need changing atop a changing table, simply remove the changing tray and you have a classic drawer dresser set that you can continue using well beyond your child’s toddler years!

Baby high chair

This will make feeding and mealtimes much easier once your child is able to sit up on his own! 

And this means you can have your little one seated with you as you have your meals at the dining table, or even in the living room if you’re feeding your child a quick snack outside of mealtimes.

Nursing chair

Not everyone will consider this a must-have, but we believe a nursing chair goes a long way in having a more comfortable feeding experience for parents and baby. Especially for mums to have a better experience breastfeeding!

Want more tips on picking nursery essentials? Check out our article here.

Hauck alpha+ high chair

Essentials for new parents

You’ll need more than nursery and baby products once your baby arrives.

Here’s a list of what you should get for yourself and for transporting your little one around safely!

Baby car seat

This is a must-have if you own a car. (Be sure to grab this and install it before you leave the hospital too!)

Baby stroller

Planning to move around with your baby quite a bit? We’d recommend purchasing a stroller for your everyday use.

Of course, there are many different types to choose from, so be sure to check out the various models before deciding which one suits you best!

We wrote an article about this that you may find helpful -- check it out here.

Breast Pump

Mums, if you’re planning to breastfeed and pump regularly, this is definitely essential to buy before your baby is born.

Check out the Elvie breast pump, which is a wireless and noiseless pump that fits right into your nursing bra. This means you can pump hands-free, and on the go!

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Ready with your shopping list of baby and nursery essentials now?

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